Religious Education

Religious Education is an integral part of children's education as it enables our pupils to explore different points of view and is closely linked to the British Values we strive to uphold at Holbeach Primary Academy.

At our academy, children learn about different religions and explore human experiences.

They also learn from religion and respond to human experience.

Whole School Overview

Religious Education learning is based on four key concepts; authority, religious belief and lifestyle, celebration and the sacred.

Across these four concepts children have the opportunity to study Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam in depth, and are also aware of Sikhism and Buddhism in the wider world.


Local Community and Church Links

RE learning is enhanced at Holbeach Primary Academy by our close links with our local churches and vicars - Reverend Seal at All Saints Church and Reverend Barker at the Methodist Church.

Both vicars visit the school monthly to deliver assemblies to both KS1 and KS2 on a chosen theme, for example, friendship. This theme is then discussed in class and the children enjoy these interactive assemblies.

We also hold our own services at All Saints Church at Harvest, Christmas and Easter. All the children from Early Years up to Year 6 get involved in these services and parents are welcome to join us at these too.

We also have a KS1 an KS2 choir at Holbeach Primary Academy that perform in various festivals and events organised and held at All Saints Church.