Primary Languages

In our school we have started the academic year of 2018-19 with our annual celebration of languages from across our continent: European Day of Languages.  On 26th September, 2018 teachers across the academy launched a study into a range of languages and cultures that our pupils represent. This year included Russian, French, German, Spanish, Polish and many more.

At Holbeach Primary Academy, Key Stage 2 pupils study French throughout the year with oral discussions, listening and conversation activities and games as well as reading and writing tasks.  The extent of their vocabulary develops in both contextual and conversational aspects as they meet new topics across the year.  These include greetings, numbers, colours, pets and animals, hobbies and sports, clothing and our bodies to name a few. 

In each unit there is an introduction to new vocabulary but pupils are asked to call upon previous learning to access increasingly complex instructions and texts.  Their knowledge of grammar and phonics in French increases their ability to tackle new words, questions and statements.  Alongside this pupils are given meaningful opportunities to learn about the culture of France and its people, comparing similarities and differences to their own lives.