The Teaching of Mathematics at Holbeach Primary Academy

This year Holbeach Primary Academy are taking the current programme of ‘Teaching for Mastery’ to the next level.  Last year we started to develop our programme to help the pupils to develop key mathematical skills and knowledge in a wider variety of ways.  This developed their fluency between numbers with regards to patterns, rules, relationships and strategies.  Thus the children were allowed to achieve a greater depth of understanding before they moved on to new concepts.

To do this we have no only worked on the journey that our pupils take to make links in mathematical understanding, but we have also thought about the types of activities and questions that allow a child to apply what they have learnt in additional contexts or ways.

To support this process, we also provided an extensive range of concrete resources, linked to useful diagrams and visual representations.  As learners we have different learning preferences therefore these approaches have allowed variation in the children’s understanding of a single concept- knowing multiple ways a number can be represented, for example, rather than just one.

Although this is still a key focus in our maths curriculum at HPA we are also extending our mastery programme to encompass a range of opportunities to problem solve.  We shall introduce further types of problems and puzzles that allow pupils to call upon a range of strategies. Independence, mathematical fluency, self-motivation and resilience are all areas that improve as part of problem solving. 

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Using Apparatus in Maths

To begin learning any new concept in Maths we start with concrete apparatus to manipulate, combine and support.  These resources are used further up the school t support understanding and promote the independence in our young learners.  They can be used by all ages to understand problems and puzzles also.  They hold a vital role in mastery as they are the building blocks that children use to step up to visual and symbolic representations.

In school we utilise a range of resources including rods and cubes, counters, coins, blocks, counting animals, straws, clocks, 2D and 3D shapes.  Here are some photos of our pupils supporting their own steps in learning.

Maths Award

Each week the Maths Award is celebrated through our whole school assembly.  Each class celebrates a nominated pupil who receives the award for achievements, progress or determination in a particular mathematical area or applying their knowledge somewhere in the curriculum.  When they achieve three nominations the pupil will receive our special Maths Award badge to show what a superstar mathematician they are.  Keep checking back to see who are new Maths Award stars are!