Early Years - Spread the Word Project.

We are really excited to tell you about a project that Holbeach Primary Academy and Holbeach Bank Academy are part of along with other primary schools in the local area. This project is about developing children’s language and communication skills.  These skills are really important for a child’s development in all areas of learning.

Each half term we will be working together to provide experiences and activities for your children to support these key skills.

This term we are hosting a performance called The Forgotten Teddy Bear followed by a teddy bears picnic with fun games and activities.  These activities will develop the children’s vocabulary related to fruit, colours, clothing, feelings and parts of the body.

During the second term we are taking part in World Nursery Rhyme Week which begins Monday 19th November. More details of these events will follow.

At Home

 It would be wonderful if at home you could support the project by talking about this terms key vocabulary areas - fruit, colours, clothing, feelings and parts of the body.  Maybe when you are eating together, playing games, getting dressed for school or getting ready for bed.

Another great way of developing language skills is through reading and listening to stories. Every Friday at 3:15 on the stage outside the Early Years classroom, we will be having a book swap. All you need to do if you would like to join in, is to bring one of your child’s books from home and swap it with another book. Then do the same a week later or the following week. This way your children will be able to read and listen to lots of different stories.