Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Holbeach Primary Academy is integrated through our cross-curricular topic areas.  Our pupils learn about the importance of current product research and the benefits of thorough evaluation.  The design process is looked at one stage at a time and the children’s understanding of how one factor can affect manufacture or the success of a product is tested. They develop problem solving skills and make informed decisions based on their observations and discussions.  When faced with a design brief, individuals and/ or groups consider the impact of their choices in materials, techniques, ingredients and designs.  Therefore the pupils at HPA develop as not only designers but also builders, craftspeople and consumers.

This begins at an early age with investigation or objects and processes- exploring the properties of materials and the theory of cause and effect. As children grow their understanding of differences in choice, design, creation and evaluation develops, allowing them to think critically about products.  They then have the tools to make their own choices and improve upon their errors.

DT Around the School

Autumn Terms 2017

The start of the new academic year has brought about lots of food technology across the academy as we consider what helps us to stay healthy (superfoods, super me!) in Key Stage 1's topic of Superheroes as well as cultural choices across the year groups as part of European Day of Languages.  See our gallery for pictures!


Looking forward we will be constructing masks and other props for a superhero day and moving vehicles in the topic of Bright Lights, Big City.



Upper Key Stage 2 have been investigating the links between Maths and DT by measuring ingredients for several different dishes, looking at the skills involved in cooking but also the importance of accuracy in measuring.  A great example of practical activities to draw together relationships from across the curriculum.