Art and Design

The Art and Design curriculum at Holbeach Primary Academy continues to provide opportunities where pupils are able to express themselves creatively and emotionally.  Teachers ensure that cross-curricular links are made throughout each topic area and allow the children to build upon previous knowledge as well as develop a wider range of skills.

Art at HPA gives us the chance to develop our understanding of not only the world around us but also the thoughts of others and ourselves.  Our own creativity and imagination is explored alongside the technical aspects of different techniques and mediums. The role of significant figures from world history of art and design (both functional and aesthetical) are key to the curriculum as they give us context and comparisons to our own work.  They also allow us to develop our understanding of artistic movements and the importance of self-expression and continued development in the world of industry.

In the sections below you can find out what the budding artists, sculptors and creative thinkers are creating as the academic year progresses.  Our gallery will soon illustrate the projects that the pupils have been working on.

Art across the Year in School

Check back soon to find out what each phase of the school have been working on.