Rex Self

Our weekly winners are:

Week ending 12th October 2018

Maple - Max - for wonderful progress with his sitting

Chestnut - Gustavas - for amazing phonics work

Ash - Archiebald - for always being polite and working hard

Willow - Andrej - a fantastic piece of writing about Hansel and Gretel

Oak - Mason - super listening and effort in lessons and with Mr C

Cherry - Jasmine - always doing her best, excellent team player at Handball Competition

Walnut - Ava - for always getting on without fussing

Elm - Harriett - for always putting 100% into her homework and bringing it in early

Magnolia - Michael - for his thoughtful poem about the First World War

Acer - Vivien - For always doing her best in all lessons

Sycamore - Kaitlyn - for becoming a more confident and enthusiastic reader


Week ending 14th September 2018

Maple - Freya - for her sound work this week.  You are a sound superstar!

Chestnut - Lewis - for trying hard with all of his learning

Ash - Ellis - for a fantastic effort in sentence building this week

Willow - Reggie - for being fantastic in every lesson and always trying hard

Oak - Hayden - for being an amazing role model of behaviour

Cherry - Lilli - confidently putting her hand up in class

Walnut - Jasmine - Creative ideas in her writing and a very positive approach to all class work.

Elm - Scott - for trying 100! when doing the mile walk and completing it with not much complaining

Magnolia - Macey - for her knowledge of the Industrial Revolution

Acer - Elwood - for great note taking in our topic work

Sycamore - Noah - for embracing Y6 life with enthusiasm


Week ending 7th September 2018

Maple - Oliver - for having a wonderful start to the year with some excellent counting

Chestnut - Noah - for coming to school with a smile

Ash - Ella - for a great start to Year 1 and trying hard

Willow - Jack - for fantastic writing, using 'frightfully' in his Big Write.  Well done.

Oak - Rio - excellent reading and writing this week, Englih superstar!

Cherry - Sandra - excellent attitude - full marks in maths test and high quality handwriting

Walnut - Melissa - for a great attitude to learning

Elm - Jayden - for showing brilliant work in maths and a thorough understanding of Roman numerals

Magnolia -

Acer -