Art Club

To begin our adventure, we collected designs from all across the school and decided on elements we liked.  the hard part was choosing what to have in our final design because there were so many great ideas!  The school colours, our links to the Woodland trust and our Trust logo all featured heavily in designs from Early years through to Year 6.

Today our knight has taken his first steps on the journey of colour.  We have added a base coat of paint to prepare the surface for all the wonderful design elements yet to come. 

The last few weeks have seen us added blocks of colour to form backgrounds for pictures such as a swan representing our link to the University of Lincoln Trust, a kite to represent our past as Holbeach Primary School and flowers that our local area is famous for.  Our knight has leaves for each of our classes that we named after trees, associated with the Woodland Trust.  he also sports mathematical symbols to illustrate aspects of learning and the key message 'You are the author of your own life story'.  His name is Honour Pride Adventure, which can be seen on the underblanket, added by our Year 6 pupils.

We honour who are, we are proud of what we do and we are preparing for the adventures our futures bring us.