Important Things You Need To Know 


Willow will be doing PE on a Tuesday and Friday afternoon.

Could you please ensure your child has a PE kit in school at all times as these days can vary depending on weather. 

if your child has earrings, could they either be removed at home on the morning of PE lessons or bring tape/plasters into school to be covered. 

Please ensure, as the weather gets cooler, your child brings an appropriate PE kit (tracksuit bottoms and hoodies).

Thank you - all children in Willow bought a PE kit into school at the beginning of term. 

Homework and Spellings

Homework will be issued on a Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday. This homework will be stuck in the children's homework books and will usually by Maths and/or English based. The homework will also be building on learning completed by the children during the week in the classroom.

If your child requires additional support with their homework, Miss Palmer offers a Homework Club on Tuesday lunchtimes to aid with this. 

Spellings will be issued by your child's Phonics teacher. These words will be stuck into your child's reading diary on a Friday and will be tested the following Friday in their Phonics lesson. 

Reading Diaries

Each child has a reading diary which is sent home daily. It is expected that these diaries and books and returned to school daily too as they are used to communicate messages to parents and to make notes regarding guided and independent reading. 

Please read three times a week with your child (minimum). This can include their reading books or any other reading material they may have at home which they may prefer to read. Could this reading please be recorded in their diary. We welcome any extra reading!

Children are regularly reminded about changing their reading book once they have completed it and have the opportunity to read with an adult once a week within the classroom. 

Reading diaries will be retained by Miss Pegg on a Thursday evening. Messages will be written home about how your child is doing in the classroom and if they have particularly excelled in any lesson. 

If you have any messages to pass onto Miss Pegg, please note in their diary and make a member of staff aware.