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What have we been up to?


We are very lucky to be involved in the Evolve music project in association with the South Holland Centre, LOV (Lincolnshire One Venues) and the music band We3.


We went to the South Holland Centre to take part in a music workshop with the band, where we learnt to beat box, and we saw a perfomrance from We3. 

Over the coming weeks, Kate and George will be coming into school to help us write our own music show. We will them perform this show in the South Holland Centre in December 2018. 


Music project update 22.11.18

We have noe lernt our script and we are practising the songs. Kate & George from Lincolnshire One Venues came in again today and we started to learn our positions on stage.  

Walnut Class PERFORMANCE 06.12.18

As a whole class, we travelled to the South Holland Centre in Spalding to take part in the Evolve Music Project show. 

We practiced on the stage and then it was time for the perfomance. 

We were all very nervous and excited, especially with the stage lights shining on us. There were nearly 200 people in the audience. 

We had a fantastic time and it was an amazing experience. 


We had t shirts to wear for the show. They even had our names on the back!!

Upstairs on the bus

Downstairs on the bus

Singing beautifully during rehersal

Having fun in the pre show warm up

A very proud Yaqub

Belting out the show tunes. What a super sound. 

Throwing some shapes in the pre show warm up!! 

We really enjoyed our time to shine on stage.