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Speed Stacks 18.01.19

Today we had a visit from a sports coach and we had a go at speed stacks. 

We learnt how to do stacks of up to six, and then we had a race!!

Christmas craft with Mrs Rickers

We made baubles, smowmen or Christmas trees as tree decorations. 

School Christmas dinner

Yum Yum


Romae did very well in trying a sprout for the first time. I don't think she liked it!! Super effort Romae. 

Christmas craft day

Lexi showing off her sewing skills. We all had a go at sewing our own stocking. 

Oh snow its not!!

We sang songs whilst making a snowman card to send home. We even collected real twigs for the arms. 


We are all working hard with our maths

Lilly with her homework

Lilly made a deep sea vehicle (DSV) as her homework for our Blue Abyss topic. Well done Lilly. 

Whos hiding behind the mask?

This was Indie's deep sea vehicle. What a super machine. Well done Indie. 


Locating the oceans of the World. 


Using a map from an Atlas to locate the oceans. 


Telling the time and having fun using clocks. We all know when it is break time or lunch time!!

Children in Need day 16.11.18

We all had fun dressing up in our own clothes on Friday 16th November. We made donations and placed our coins on the Pudsey picture.

We have no idea why this picture is sideways, so we will ask the tech department to look into it for us!!