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Friday 14th December - our last update of 2018!!

Its the last Friday of the term, and Christmas is not far away now. 

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This week has been really busy. On Tuesday we went to the Blackfriars Theatre in Boston to watch Aladdin. It was amazing. We shouted and screamed and we were squirted with water. We also sang baby shark!! Ben

On Thursday went to church for the Christmas service. We all wore our Christas jumpers. 

As we type, our classroom is being filled with tombola prizes for the Christmas Fayre that starts straight after school.  

Friday 7th December - See 'Music Project' section of our class page for information. 

Friday 30th November 

This week we have done a big science investigation. We asked "Does distance affect volume?" We then worked out how we could work out if this was true or not. We went outside with metre sticks, bells to make sound and data loggers. We used these data loggers to recor the sound in decibels. Ben & whole class. 

It has been assessment week for Year 3 & 4, and we have done two maths tests, spelling and grammar tests and a reading test. Jasmine H

Kate & George came in again on Thursday and we practiced our play that we will be performing next week. Romae



Friday 23rd November 2018

This week we have practiced our words and songs for the performance on 6th December. Cody

In English, we completed our story writing about Farmer Best. We then used purple pens to edit our own work. We used an editing jigsaw to help us. Melissa and Maddison

In Maths, we continued working on the grid method to solve multiplication problems. We then used it to work out word problems. Lexi

In RE, we had a look at what it is like inside a Mosque, and how Muslims prey. Oliver

We continued to look at art by the artist Scarpace, as he drew fish. We did our own observational drawing of a fish, and we used the shading techniques we have learnt. Lilly, Brystan & Harvey


Friday 16th November 2018


We have had a very busy week. In maths, we have learnt the grid method for solving multiplication calculations. Jasmine B

In English, we listened to the story of Farmer Best, and we re-wrote it, making it even better. Lexi

Our sound in phonics this week was /ay/, spelt /ei/ Oliver

We practiced our songs for the show we will be doing in Spalding in December. Zofia

In early morning work, we played 'countdown', making as many words as we could from the letters on the board. Romae

In French, we learnt how to say the members of our family. Connor