Important Things You Need To Know 

Phonics at Home

Your child will learn 3 or 4 new sounds each week.

Each day they learn a new sound they will bring the sound home in their red phonics book.

Please ask them to show you and tell you what sound they have learned.

Ask them to practise writing it 5 times.

Can they think of any words that begin with this sound?

Each day ask them to recognise and say  all the sounds they have learned so far.

Please return the red book to school each day so the next new sound can be added.


Order of the first set of sounds

m  a  s  d  t

i  n   p  g  o

c  k  u  b

f  e  l  h  sh  r

j  v  y  w

th  z  ch  qu 

x  ng  nk