Homework set Friday 18th January:

Maths - Decimals/Fractions

Foundation: page 46

Standard: pages 16 and 17

Advanced: pages 29 and 30


Layout and paragraphs


Focus: Year 5 and 6 words

Homework set Friday 11th January:

Maths - Decimals

Foundation: page 13

Standard: pages 11 and 12

Advanced: pages 16 and 17


Inverted Commas


Focus: revision of previous sounds from Autumn term 

Homework set Friday 14th December:

For homework this week I would like you to complete a storyboard about Aladdin.

You could choose to include the whole story or alternatively just your favourite part of the pantomime. There are only six boxes for pictures and writing - so you will have to be selective. Don't forget to use your English skills when writing you sentences. 

This homework is due in Wednesday 19th December (next week).

Homework set Friday 7th December:

Maths - Coordinates

Foundation: pages 80 and 81

Standard: pages 73 and 74

Advanced: pages 75


Terminology Year 6 test


Focus: proof-reading 

Homework set Friday 30th November:

Maths - Coordinates

Foundation: pages 76 and 77

Standard: pages 70, 71 and 72

Advanced: pages 72, 73, 74 and 76


Colons and semi-colons


Focus: 'ch' makes 'k' sound; 'ch' makes 'sh' sound

Homework set Friday 23rd November:

Maths - Fractions

Foundation: pages 38 and 39

Standard: pages 31, 32 and 34

Advanced: pages 25 and 28


Passive and active verbs - test A


Words ending in -gue and -que



Homework set Friday 16th November:

Reading: Please read at least 4 times and get your diary signed

Spelling: How syllables help

Topic: Complete the map of countries involved in WW1

Homework set 9th November 2018:

Spellings: hyphens and Year 5/6 words

Spag.com: hyphens, dashes and bullet points

Maths: Addition and subtraction of fractions

Foundation: pages 43-44

Standard: pages 33-34

Advanced: pages 26-27

Homework set 2nd November:

Maths Fractions:

Foundation: pages 36-37

Standard: pages 28-29

Advanced: pages 23-24



Bullet points



Invididual spellings have been chosen 

Maths Homework - Set Friday 12th October 2018:

Maths - Factors:
Foundation - pages 32-33
Standard - pages 24-25
Advanced - pages 21-22

Expanded Noun Phrases

Suffixes -fer

Homework set Friday 5th October:

Maths - Division:

Foundation - pages 26-27

Standard - pages 18-19

Advanced - pages 14-15


Antonyms and synonyms



Homework set 28th September 2018


Spellings - i before e


Standard pages 14 and 15

Foundation pages 18 and 19

Advanced page 12


Homework set Friday 21st September:

Maths - Rounding page 13

Spag.com  -Y5b 25 questions (Mrs Ramage's group - prepositions and adverbs)

Spellings - see attached

Reading - Remember to get your diaries signed when you read at home for a house point.

File icon: docx spellings 21st September [docx 13KB] Click to download