Our Weekly Adventures 

Term 6 2018

Friday 13th July

This afternoon we played host to Cherry Class and Walnut Class as they visited our Dinosaur Planet museum.  We spent the week creating signs, explanation texts and more to get ready.  Mr Green and Mr Cowie said that they were very impressed with the high standard of artwork and knowledge, saying we really were palaeontologists in the making!  We really enjoyed sharing what we had learnt and made. Find out more with our photos in 'Our Gallery'.

Thursday 6th July

Over the last two weeks we have become real dino experts!  After looking at the life cycle of a dinosaur we found out as reptiles they are born from eggs!  Did you know the eggs weren't just different sizes but shaped like things such as a football, a rugby ball or even a potato!  We have also been working hard at sewing the features onto our sock-a-sauruses.  They're nearly finished!

Also this week we have finished our very own garden- you can find it in front of the willow tunnel.  We have called it 'HPA's Little Kingdom' as it has a CBeebies Ben and Holly theme!  Have a peek at Twinkle's flower garden and Freddie's vegetable patch!  This was our part of our Academy's entry to Holbeach In Bloom this year and we think it's great!

Friday 22nd June

Can you believe it?! On Monday we came into the classroom to find dino footprints, teeth and scratches!  What made them?  We went straight to work to find out.  After discussing the clues, researching different dinosaurs and making factfiles we concluded that it had been a velociraptor!  Our study went on to describe how the skeletons of dinosaurs tell us about their bodies.  We even compared a T-Rex to a crocodile!

Friday 15th June

As we delve further into our topic, Oak Class have been researching the life of Mary Anning- the first and greatest fossil hunter!  We have also looked closer at the tails, spikes, horns, etc. of different dinosaurs- even recreating the teeth of both plant and meat eaters in clay!  Our riddles describe the different features and movements of the dinosaurs using adjectives and similes.


Friday 8th June

This week we have been dino rangers on our school trip- see 'Our Gallery' to spot the different types of dinosaurs we encountered and more!  Back at school we looked closer at what the landscape would have and what would be missing from our everyday world in prehistoric times.  We then used a range of materials in groups to recreate this world of the dinosaurs.  In English we have written a detailed, sequenced account of our trip to explain what our role as rangers entailed and what we learnt.

We completed the week with a whole academy India Day- a focus on celebrations within the Indian culture and religion of Hinduism gave us the chance to taste delicious food, consider the role of design in rangoli patterns as well as look at examples of dress and mehndi patterns by our very own Mrs Rasel with Miss Clayton.