Each week an update will be added to this page in order to share with you what the children have been doing in school.

Friday 5th January 2018
We have all returned with a great enthusiasm to continue our learning in Year 1 and 2. We have started the new calendar year by discussing how we celebrated New Year and thinking of some new resolutions. Who will keep to their resolutions?
On Friday we were joined by Julie Edkins from Lincs music service to begin our new music which includes singing and recognising the beat.
Monday sees the start of our house point system so don't forget to bring your diary as that is the first point you can earn!

Friday 2nd October 
We have spent the last 2 weeks looking at Superfoods and how they help to keep us healthy. All the children enjoyed watching the Superfood video and found it very funny to learn which foods help you poo ??
We have linked our learning of Superfoods to our Maths by measuring ingredients to make our smoothie and our English by understanding how an instruction text is organised. All the children tasted the smoothie and the fruit salad with mixed verdicts on how they tasted.
In RE with have linked our food investigations to look at fruit and vegetables that are harvested. The children completed some wonderful collages where theby had to think about colour and texture to create the different foods. Some of these are displayed in our classroom and some were shared during our harvest service today. Well done to the whole class for their performance of the story of Manna ??
Dont forget our superhero afternoon next week on Thursday 12th October 

Friday 15th September 2017
We have completed our first full week as Ash Class. All the pupils have settled into the new routines and are quick to remind me of any routines I forget smiley. Our work this week has focused on Superheroes and their bodies. We began by naming our body parts before looking at how to use these in PE to move like a Superhero. With the help of a new superhero we thought about how to stay safe whilst using the internet. The pupils were very good at recalling what they had learnt in previous years.
The pupils also completed their first Big Write of the year using the skills they had learnt across the week. Well done Taylor for earning Rex Self this week for your piece of Big Writing no
We ended the week by creating our own models of Superheroes using clay. Each pupil used their powers of rolling, pinching, pulling, squeezing and shaping to create their mini-figure. Next week we will begin to add more detail to transform the clay figures into superheroes.  Please take a look in our gallery to see what we have been doing.
Below are our weekly adventures from 2016 2017.
These will be archived shortly.
Friday 20th January
This week we have been exploring the world of hearing and how our ears work. Did you know that everybody's ears are unique? Nobody has ears the same as another person. We created a sound map after listening to sounds in the classroom to recognise that people in different places hear different sounds.
In English we completed our newspaper reports on The Grand Old Duke of York and had a session being the editor of our own work. Our maths looked at recognising odd and even numbers and the ways of recognising them. We also completed calculations of multiplications for 2, 5 and 10.
Another busy week with everybody trying their best no

Friday 4th November
What an exciting way to start the term! On Tuesday we were joined in the classroom by Mrs Elston's pet rabbit Hop and then we went into the hall to meet Mrs H's 4 Pug puppies. The puppies were very excited to see all the children just as much as the children were to see them. We spent time watching them move around, play, eat and drink. The children then had the opportunity to ask Mrs H some questions about the puppies including what they can eat, how big they will get and how to look after them. Don't forget to look in the gallery for photos of the visit. This visit made the focus of our English work with the children writing a recount of the visit and what we did.
In Maths we have continued with the theme of time from last term and how to tell the time to o'clock and half past.
It has been a busy first week back. Enjoy the weekend and remember to stay safe whilst watching fireworks. smiley
Friday 21st October
What a busy term we have had! all the pupils have made a brilliant start to the school year and working hard with everything we are doing.
This week we have concluded our topic of Enchanted Woodland with a special sharing assembly of our work with Early Years and you as parents/carers. Thank you for attending the assembly and we hope you enjoyed learning more about what we have done within our topic.
Have a good half term and see you after the break.

Friday 14th October
An amazing party to bring our Enchanted Woodland topic together. All the children looked fantastic in their costumes and masks.
After a busy week preparing decorations, masks and invitations the children waited over lunchtime to discover woodland fairies had been into the classroom and transformed it into a woodland fit for a party. following careful discussion about what was needed at a party the children agreed the fairies had included all they identified, although there was no disco ball.
Remember to look in the gallery to see the photos of our busy week.

Friday 30th September
Monday was European Day of Languages in school. As a celebration of this day we learnt to count in French and German. Zofia then taught us how to count to 5 in Polish. Some of the number names were quite tricky even for Miss Palmer and Mrs Elston but we all had a try.
Our English work this week involved looking at non-fiction, especially instructions. We began by labelling some pictures of woodland items and then on Wednesday we all got to be bossy when looking at verbs! frown We followed instructions to make our own autumn crown which will be part of our outfits for our Woodland party.
In Topic we had interesting discussions about which items found in a woodland were living and which were non-living. All the children were able to give reasons for their choices which is a big part of their scientific understanding. Did you know pine cones are clever? They can help us tell the weather. We watched as a pine cone in water closed up in order to protect its seeds whilst a pine cone in the dry opened up to spread it's seeds.
On Thursday we were able to share some of our learning with rest of Key Stage 1 and Early Years in our good work assembly. smiley

Friday 23rd September
This week the children have been planning their own woodland story. The only parts of the story that were non-negotiable were that it had to be set in the woodland and they had to have a woodland animal as a character, the rest was up to the children! Every story was different and showed the hard work the children put into their plans.
In Maths we have been looking at number bonds. These are a set of number facts that will be used throughout their school life and we will be revisiting them many more times. Keep practising these at home.
On Friday we all came to school wearing jeans and something pink. This was to help raise money for the Jeans for Genes charity and CLIC Sargent. To continue with the Roald Dahl theme last week a drawing of the BFG was on the front playground ready for the children to put their money on. Look in the gallery to see our class photo doing this.

Friday 16th September
Another exciting week has come to an end in Ash class. Together this week we have been reading Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox. This has supported our English work as well as helping us to celebrate Roald Dahl's 100th birthday on Tuesday. The story has been exciting and the children have been to eager to find out what happens next in each chapter. We used the story to describe the main character and along with the work last week on the Gruffalo the children completed their first piece of Big Writing for the year. Well done! no
In Topic we have been researching animals that you might find in a woodland which includes a fox. We focused on a squirrel and a deer. Next we are continuing to look at animals and using them to complete some artwork.
The woodland also featured in our Maths this week with us finding woodland treasures to measure. We talked about using standard units (cm) and non-standard units (cubes) of measuring. Look in our gallery to see some of the photos.
Finally a big thank you for all your support this week by attending the meet and greet, supporting your child with their homework and contributing to the diaries. smiley

Friday 9th September
Well done to all the children in Ash Class for settling into the new school year and trying their best with all the work we have done so far.
In Maths we have been looking at Place Value including ordering numbers and finding 1 more and 1 less. In English we have enjoyed sharing the story of The Gruffalo and then writing a recount of the story.
In topic this week we have been exploring the areas of woodland around the school and looking at the different types of trees we can find. The children enjoyed an exciting end to the week by creating their very own Boggarts using clay on the trees near the mound on the school field. Photos of these can be found in the gallery on our class page.
It has been a great first week and we are all looking forward to next week.smiley