Welcome to Ash Class 

We are a class of Year 1 and Year 2 pupils

Our Class Teacher is Miss Palmer

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Elston.

Dinosaur Planet

RRRAAAGGHH! Dinosaurs are on the prowl this term. Beginning with our trip to the Dinosaur park. We will be looking at the different types of dinosaurs, when they lived and where they lived. Looking at bones and fossils we will become palaeontologists to help us find some amazing facts. The end of the term will see us create our own mini museum to showcase our artefacts.
We are entering into our final term. Alongside all the exciting learning opportunities we will be starting to discuss transition to prepare ourselves for the changes in September. Later this term the children will learn which class they will be joining and who their new teacher will be. We will focus this term on supporting each other to make the changes as smooth as possible.
On Thursday 28th June we all took part in a transition. Some of us visited Mr Green and Mr Cowie as Year 3s for the day. The rest of us visited Miss Clayton as Year 2s for the day.  We all had an amazing day and are really looking forward to September!

Fun in the sun ?? 29.6.2018