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Writing is another key skill that supports many aspects of daily life. At Holbeach Primary Academy writing incudes developing skills in sentence construction as well as the formation of pupil's writing.

Writing begins at Holbeach Primary Academy in the Early Years setting with mark making using a wide variety of tools including pencils, paint and chalks. Through this stage pupils establish their pencil grip as part of their fine motor development. This mark making and pencil grip leads into pupil's learning of how letters are formed within their English lessons and child initiated activities. Letter formation progresses alongside the pupils Phonic development which leads to word building and then sentence building.

During Key Stage 1 the writing is developed through daily English lessons which involve skills including grammar, punctuation and spelling. Pupils begin to recognise different groups of words including verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. Recognition and understating of these word groups supports the development of sentences from simple to compound sentences. These are then used to support pupils Big Writing each fortnight. Writing opportunities are planned across the curriculum as applying the skills outside the daily English lesson are key. Handwriting progresses to include joining letters but with the formation of the letter remaining clear.

During Key Stage 2 pupils continue to receive daily English lessons to develop their writing skills and knowledge of the English language. To support the understanding of words and spelling rules, pupils begin to explore the origins of the words and their meaning. This in turn supports their use of prefixes and suffixes. Pupils continue to show their understanding through fortnightly Big Writing as well as across all areas of the curriculum. Handwriting is still a key part for pupils at this stage in their development with the introduction of using different tools for different purposes and beginning to write in pen.

Our Writing Journey

Our Writing Journey 1

Year 1 and 2 sentence building

Year 1 and 2 sentence building  1 Jumbled sentence
Year 1 and 2 sentence building  2 Correct sentence
Year 1 and 2 sentence building  3 Jumbled sentence
Year 1 and 2 sentence building  4 Correct sentence

Responding to marking

Responding to marking 1 Year 2 using purple pens to respond to marking