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wb 25.09.17

"On Wednesday some of us went on a cross country tournament". Ruby


"This week we have looked at the ancient city of Pompeii and imagined we were there and what it might have been like." Jessica


"In maths we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10." Daniel


"We made fruit cups for the European Day of Languages on Wednesday." Shelby S


"We chopped up fruit and made pots of each colour. We then added a label which had the colour written in different languages." Eoghan


"We spoke the colour in Polish, French, German, Italian and English." Coorey


"We also carried on learning about Buddhism and the eight steps and temples." Isobelle & Olly


"We have done loads of subtraction calculations too." Lennon 


"We have been adding detail to make our sentences better." Emily


"This week in guided reading we have been looking at poems." Lewis


"I have done lots of work with tens and units." Charlie


"In maths I called the method for rounding numbers the upside-down lollipop method." Charlotte


"We have read a book all about Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius." Megan


"In topic, we were looking at the Romans and the Celts" Faye & Mackenzie


"In art we have been making mosaics out of paper." Elisha


"In PE we marched like Roman soldiers." Kayleigh & Max


"This week we also watched a video of what it would have been like in Pompeii at the time of the eruption." Ellie-Mai


"We were able to take our butter beans home - some of them grew to over 12cm tall." Isobelle