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Spelling and Phonics

Spelling and Phonics

At Holbeach Primary Academy the teaching of spelling begins within Early Years. During their time in the Foundation Stage and into Key Stage 1 spelling is strongly linked with the teaching of phonics. All pupils receive daily phonics teaching through both discrete phonics lessons and within their English lessons. Opportunities to apply their spelling and extend their skills are also planned into Guided Reading activities.

Early spelling is developed through recognition of the 40+ phonemes including digraphs, trigraphs and split digraphs. Pupils are taught the phonemes and then taught to apply these through word building including CVC, CVCC, CCVC before extending to longer words. Pupils are also taught to recognise the alternative pronunciation and alternative spelling of sounds.

Pupils word building woth magnetic letters


Towards the end of Key Stage 1 and into Key Stage 2 pupils continue to apply their phonic skills but the introduction of spelling terms including root words, suffixes and prefixes begin to extend their spelling skills. The English language includes many rules to support spelling, however there are often exceptions to these rules and therefore pupils become more reliant on visual and kinaesthetic learning. Seeing key vocabulary and building the vocabulary through letter tiles or formation practice allows pupils the opportunities to  know what the word 'looks' like or 'feels' like.

To support pupils spelling skills weekly spellings are sent home on a Friday and tested in school the following Friday. Weekly spellings begin in Year 1 with 6 spellings which build to 10 across the year. Pupils are set spellings according to their phonic grouping or class focus.

Each year group has a spelling list set in accordance with the Curriculum 2014. These can be found below.

Phonics and Spelling actvities in Key Stage 1

Phonics and Spelling actvities in Key Stage 1 1 Identifying alternate spellings
Phonics and Spelling actvities in Key Stage 1 2 Identifying alternate spellings
Phonics and Spelling actvities in Key Stage 1 3 Rainbow writing spellings