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Spanish Club

Spanish Club has been a successful extra-curricular club for the past two years.  It started again earlier this term and will run up to the start of the Christmas break.  Miss Clayton introduces vocabulary and we take part in talks, reading, writing, drawing, acting and games to use our new language.  We will also cover elements of Spanish culture including:

  • famous artists and their best known pieces
  • music and dance including the famous flamenco style
  • geography
  • festivals and celebrations- Christmas traditions, cinco de mayo
  • foods and cooking- taster session!



November 2017

So far we have looked at typical Spanish foods and tasted them to see which flavours we like the most... and the least!  We learnt how to say which foods we liked, loved and hated! 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Tuesday 17th October 2016

Who would you say the greatest artist from Spain is?  We looked this week at the famous painter Pablo Picasso.  We particularly enjoyed looking at the portraits that he created from different points of view in one painting.  To create our own we drew our partner from the front and from the side before cutting into halves and sticking together.


Tuesday 11th October 2016

Do you know the song La Bamba?  It is a Mexican folk song using words in Spanish.  This week we learnt the words and their translation using the Sing Up website.  We then looked at traditional instruments used in Spain and Spanish speaking countries before making our own maracas!


Tuesday 27th September 2016

Me gusta los ojitas y los churros!  Thank you to all the children and parents who helped create our Spanish feast!  Our favourties were the churros and chorizo with the gazpacho soup being a definite new experience.  We all took part in the 'Olive Challenge' with mixed reviews on this traditional Spanish snack.  Overall we learn about what foods were grown in Spain and what traditional foods are sometimes eaten at celebrations.