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RSPCA Animal club

The children are really enjoying RSPCA club. We have been building shoe box houses for mini beasts found in our local area, creating dens for larger animals and ensuring our school environment is safe for animals. We are looking forward to making bird feeders later in the term! 

Day 2 

Today in animal club we went out onto the school field to look for signs of animals living there! We started to plan our dens for after half term. We also started to pick up the litter we found to ensure that our environment is safe for animals. 

Day 1

Welcome to our animal club updates! Here you will find out all about our journey in learning and protecting the animals in our local environment! Today we learnt a little bit about the RSPCA and looked the some of the different things the volunteers do and some of the different animals they have helped! We spoke about what animals live in the school grounds. We each chose one that we want to base our activities around over the next few weeks! Next week we are going out to find signs of our animals living on the field! Remember your wellies!