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Rex Self Awards

Each week we award the Rex Self Award to one pupil per class.


We will list here each week the pupil from each class.


Week ending 22nd September 2017

Elm Class - Honey - for coming into school with a smile every day of the week.

Ash Class - Katy - for her understanding of dienes to make 2 digit numbers

Oak Class - Yaqub - for trying his best to achieve all his learning and show good learning choices

Cherry Class - Raissa - for always doing her best

Walnut Class - Eoghan - for really working hard with his handwriting and adding finger spaces

Magnolia Class - George - for his use of descriptive language in English this week.

Acer Class - Marcus - for improving his writing further by listening to feedback and editing.

Willow Class - Charles - for his great enthusiasm in all lessons and determination to achieve

Sycamore Class - Logan - for helping another group during our French lesson


Week ending 15th September 2017.

Elm Class - Amelia - for working hard in all lessons producing her best work.

Ash Class - Taylor for his great effort in his big writing this week.

Oak Class - Lily for choosing the right choices in learning behaviour every day

Cherry Class - Mia for her excellent reading diary and the quality of her learning

Walnut Class - MacKenzie for really trying hard in class and producing a super story using descriptive language

Magnolia Class - Vivien for her hard working approach and positive attitude

Acer Class - Bayley for his 'ace' story which he completed at home and shared with the class on a powerpoint

Willow Class - Alfred for consistently demonstrating perfect behaviour and effort in lessons

Sycamore Class - Braydon and Edward for working on organisational skills and remembering diaries and reading books.


Well done everyone.