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Rex Self Awards

Each week we award the Rex Self Award to one pupil per class.


We will list here each week the pupil from each class.


Week ending 6th July

Maple Class - Elizabeth Stupple - For super writing

Chestnut Class - Ellis Rourke - For fantastic listening skills

Elm Class - Kaci Holstead - Really working hard in all tasks and concentrating well

Ash Class - Kian Skinner - For his super gardening skills

Oak Class - Sandra Soldatova - Excellent story writing skills

Cherry Class - Destiny Miles - Consistent high quality presentation of learning. Remembered information when talking to judges yesterday

Walnut Class - Jessica Smith - For continually sharing great ideas and working hard

Magnolia Class - Tayler Rudkin - For his hard work getting ready for Holbeach in Bloom

Acer Class - Emil Medley - For helping others with their English work

Willow Class - Keira Almey - For being an enthusiastic learner during French week

Sycamore Class - Daniel Clark - for being an amazing help to Mrs Evans with the job of watering the plants each morning

Week ending 29th June 

School trip

Week ending 22nd June 

No Rex Self this week

Week ending 15th June

Maple and Chesnut Class - whole Class for excellent behaviour on school trip to sea life centre

Elm Class - Reggie Betts - Fantastic reading in phonics

Ash Class - Jimmy Rourke - Super reading in phonics

Oak Class - Lilli Carlisle - Lovely smile every day, helpful and hard working

Cherry Class - Neronee Horrox - Really now switching on to the Idea of how good she can be!

Walnut Class - Charlie Henderson - Increased confidence in maths, which at times he feels is tricky

Magnokia Class - Eve Vink - For her use of expanded noun phrases in English

Acer Class - Sophie Sargent - Excellent description in English

Willow Class - Charlie Richards - Sensible behaviour on school trip

Sycamore Class - Martina Wheatland - Thoughtful responses a to art at Yorkshire Sculpture Park 

Week ending 8th June

No rex Self due to Bollywood dancing

Week ending 25th May

Maple Class - Poppy Clarkson - For brilliant attitude to all her learning

Elm Class - Casey Howlett-Williams- Always being a good friend

Ash Class - All year 2's in ash for amazing effort and attitude towards their test

Oak Class - Lilybelle Murley - Super effort in testing and lessons all term

Cherry Class - Lexi Sullivan - Much more engaged with learning and working really hard to develop learning strategies 

Walnut Class - Ruby Stevens - Always gets on with her work and scored 25/25 on arithmetic test 

Magnolia Class - Tayler Rudkin- For his much improve attitude and for being a great 'Singsationer'

Acer Class - Cody Elgie - For always doing his best and having a mature attitude towards his learning

Willow Class - Levi Peters - For showing consistentlly good behaviour throughout the week

Sycamore Class- Braydon Deans - For a much improved attiitude leader this week


Week ending 18th May

No Rex Self Sports day

Week ending 11th May

Maple Class - Gabriella - For being amazing at everything and especially her big write this morning

Chestnut Class - Jack - For really good language in thee Lion King work

Elm Class - Lara - Supper effort in all writing lessons at all times keep it up!

Ash Class - Robbie - For amazing effort in his reading

Oak Class - Faith - Improved learning attitude and continued polite manners

Cherry Class - Harriett - Excellent progress in maths tests showing greater understanding of strategies

Walnut Class - Elishia - For super effort all the time and for lovely ideas for her poetry this week

Magnolia Class - Szymon - For working had to up level his written work

Acer Class - Harry - For fantastic effort this week in all lessons

Willow Class - Lucas - For fantastic determination to achieve across the curriculum, plus he is always polite and cheerful.  Keep it up!

Sycamore Class - Logan - For being determind during this weeks revision work.


Week ending 4th May 2018

Maple  Class - Rowan - For some brilliant reading and spelling

Chestnut  Class -  Victoria  - For trying hard in all of her learning

Elm Class - Jaimie - For developing confidence in her work

Ash Class - Wojceich - For always working hard in everything

Oak Class - Riley - Excellent effort in his work and helping others this week

Cherry Class - Lailah - Really impressive attitude to learning.  Well Done!

Walnut Class - Jayden - Super effort in maths, and scoring nearly full marks in his test

Magnolia Class - Oli - Always cheerful, polite and trying his best

Acer Class - Emily - Consistently working hard to achieve her targets

Willow Class - Ella  - Having grown in confidence and becoming more resilient and determined in all subjects  - Well Done!

Sycamore Class - Lilly - For completing all homework set.


Week ending 27th April 2018

There was no Rex Self this week due to a special assembly 


Week ending 20th April 2018

Maple Class - Laila - For some fantastic sitting and handwriting

Chestnut Class - Mikolaj  - For recognising numbers to 20 and 10's numbers

Elm Class - Seweryn - For completing all tasks independently 

Ash Class - Brooke - For tackling reading tests this week with a positive attitude

Oak Class - Ben - Super attitude to learning and presentation

Cherry Class - Scott - Improved attitude to learning and more actively engaged - Keep it up!

Walnut Class - Faye - For really working hard in maths and understanding column method subtraction with exchanging

Magnolia Class- Macey - For settling in to her new class and school very well

Acer Class - Luke - For great contributions in maths starters this week

Willow Class - Lucas - For amazing determination during our 1st revision week

Sycamore Class - Cian - For a more positive attitude to lessons 




Week ending 23rd March

There was no Rex Self this week due to Sports Relief 


Week ending 16th March 2018

There was no Rex Self this week do to having a Science Week


Week ending 9th March 2018


Maple Class - Andrej - For Brilliant working attitude

Chestnut Class - Weronika - For having a smile all week

Elm Class - Alfie - Massive improvement in engaging with carpet times and answering questions. Well Done!

Ash Class - Jack - For sharing his prediction ideas in reading this week

Oak Class - Kyraleigh - Amazing concentration and editing when writing her beach story

Cherry Class - Oliver - Making a big effort to get his early morning maths correct and improve his grammar knowledge and handwriting

Walnut Class - Lennon - For a super written report on the history of Lego - over two ages long!

Magnolia Class - Eve - For proof reading her writing much more carefully

Acer Class - Bayley - Great descriptive figurative language and editing

Willow Class - Keira - Constant enthusiasm and effort in all lessons

Sycamore Class - Matthew - For always challenging himself in all subjects 


Week ending 2nd March  2018

There was no  Rex Self this week due to the snow closure


Week ending 23th February 2018

Maple Class - Lexi - For using phonics to spell words - Big improvement - Well done

Chestnut Class - James - For some fantastic sentence writing

Elm Class - Kaci - Big improvement and effort with writing

Ash Class - Jamie - For a great understanding and effort in our investigation

Oak Class - MacKenna - Fantastic measuring to keep our investigation a fair test

Cherry Class -Evie - Showing development in writing and enthusiasm in learning about marble runs on our investigation day.

Walnut Class - Lewis - For really working hard on his handwriting and general presentation of his work - Well done

Magnolia Class - Alice - For writing thoughtful descriptions of characters and settings

Acer Class - Marcus - For working really well throughout our day of investigation 

Willow Class - Keira - Constant enthusiasm and effort in all lessons

Sycamore Class - Logan - For a more mature attitude towards learning


Week ending 9th February 2018

Maple Class - Rowan - For some brilliant drawing of people

Chestnut Class -Oscar - For trying really hard with learning

Elm Class - Jackson - Always trying hard, always smiling and happy

Ash Class - Paige - For fantastic effort in our music sessions this term

Oak Class - Warren - Excellent behaviour for learning to finish tasks and trying his best

Cherry Class - Lailah - Much more attentive in class and responding really well to support

Walnut Class - Charlotte - For always trying her best particularly in guided reading where she has some excellent ideas

Magnolia Class - Oli - For his positive and hard working approach to all of his work

Acer Class - Samia - For always being polite and having a mature attitude towards her learning

Willow Class - Charlie - Positive attitude towards everything and always smiling

Sycamore Class - James - For stepping in as our reserve at the Poetry Party


Week ending 2nd February 2018

Chestnut  Class-Mylie - For a great try at using the 10's frame

Elm Class - Lacey - Fantastic effort to apply phonics to writing

Ash Class - Bella - For a fantastic effort in her reading test

Oak Class - Riley - Super effort in size of handwriting and lead in/out of letters

Cherry Class - Sasha - Good attitude to learning and always trying her best

Walnut Class - Shelby - For creative thinking for her fantastic story last week and generally trying hard

Magnolia Class - Iulian - Working hard to proof read and up-level his writing

Acer Class - Charlotte  - Great historical report using her English skills

Willow Class - Billy - Amazing newspaper report

Sycamore Class - Katie - Great enthusiasum during lessons

Week ending 26th January 2018

Chestnut Class-Oliver - For trying really hard in all areas this week

Elm Class - Kody - Fantastic writing of a myth

Ash Class - Nicola - For recognising fraction numbers

Oak Class - Lilli C - For increased pride and understanding in her own abilities

Cherry Class - Destiny - Continued high quality presentation for her learning

Walnut Class - Filip - For excellent mental recall of multiplication facts and all round fantastic maths work

Magnolia Class - Sophia - For her polite and hardworking approach to all of her work

Acer Class - Julian - Excellent research for our topic and The Battle of Bosworth

Willow Class - Ella - For her positive attitude towards her assesment tests

Sycamor Class - Anastasia - For being more organised wit diary entries


Week ending 19th January 2018

Chestnut Class - Ella Jane - For bringing her smile and trying really hard with her maths work

Elm Class - Reggie - For a massive improvement in his reading and for all the practise you do at home .

Ash Class - Brooke - For super understanding of division by sharing

Oak Class - Ben - Super attitude to maths and improved concentration on the carpet

Cherry Class - Lennon - Always listening and putting hand up to give answers

Walnut Class - Coorey - Coorey is very quiet but gets on with her work with no fuss and always tries hard

Magnolia Class - Alex - Working hard to finish more of his writing

Acer Class - Marshall - Increasing his reading and recording in his diary

Willow Class - Troy - More mature attitude to work and great determination with reasoning questions

Sycamore Class - Grace - For completing an amazing book review at home


Week ending 12th January 2018

Maple Class - Shaidon - For brilliant sound work

Elm Class - Casey - Always being helpful and friendly in class

Ash Class - Charlie - For his efforts in identifying synonyms

Oak Class - Rachel - For extra effort to listen to questions and choose sensible answers

Cherry Class - Alisha - Working more independently in all areas of the curriculum 

Walnut Class - Ruby - For continued positive attitude to learning

Magnolia Class - Phoebe - For working hard on her multiplication skills

Acer Class - Freddie - For making massive improvements in is mental maths starters

Willow Class - George - Amazing Sci-Fi narrative and reading it aloud clearly with great expression

Sycamore Class - Sadie - For becoming a more confident member of the class sine taking on the role of house captain 

Week ending 5th January 2018

Maple Class - Kian - For applying himself really well to his learning after the holidays

Chestnut Class - Kacee - For brilliant reading skills

Elm Class - Aylessa - Lovely idea writing a winter poem

Ash Class - Vivan - For sharing is ideas in class

Oak Class - Jasmine - Super Learning and behaviour all the time

Cherry Class - Chloe - Being more involved in classroom learning

Walnut Class - Emily - For working hard in maths an showing a good understanding of arrays for multiplication

Magnolia Class - Tayler - For his well written report on the Tudors

Acer Class - Cody - For working really hard to work out some fantastic fractions

Willow Class - Ruby - Extra Home learning about our new topic Stargazers

Sycamore Class - Emma - Who admitted she struggled at the beginning of year 6 but is now loving every minute

Week ending 8th December 2017

Maple Class - Magda - for a brilliant performance as the angel in the Nativity and saying her words and singing beautifully

Chestnut Class - Kasia - for being a great Angel in our play

Elm Class - Lola Rose - for being able to plan her own next steps in writing

Ash Class - Alfie - for fantastic improvement in his reading comprehension skills and test

Oak Class - Jacob -  A super, super, super effort at concentrating and finishing tasks

Cherry Class - Ben - for his hard work and listing to advice given

Walnut Class - Shelby - For a renewed attitude to school, reading every day, practising spellings and working so hard in English.  Well done.

Magnolia Class - Josh S - for always being hard working and polite. A super star!

Acer Class - Ruby - for excellent comprehension answers in guided reading

Willow Class - Charlie H - For a great discussion text with fabulous openers!

Sycamore Class - Braydon - for having a more responsible attitude to his learning


Week ending 1st December 2017

Maple Class - Jasmine - for brilliant word building with new sounds

Chestnut Class - Julia - for being a brilliant friend to others

Elm Class - Megan - for bring able to edit and improve her own writing

Ash Class - Wojciech - for always working hard and fantastic writing in the afternoons

Oak Class - Eddie - for fantastic behaviour choices this week.  Amazing job!

Cherry Class - Tomasz - for improvements in his handwriting and better focus in maths and english

Walnut Class - Kayleigh - for super writing this week, using a range of sentence openers as well as newly learnt vocabulary - a fantastic piece of work.

Magnolia Class - Olivia - for settling in so well to her new school and class

Acer Class - Lena - for fantastic improvements in her English this year

Willow Class - Alexandra - for being brave and confident enough to take the Rex Self book around every week and start volunteering answers in class

Sycamore Class - Cian - for a continued improvement with handwriting


Week end 24th November 2017

Maple Class - Laila - for being a star all week

Chestnut Class - Victoria - for brilliant phonics work

Elm Class - Kiah - for coming into school every day with a smile and positive attitude

Ash Class - Chloe - for great understanding and recall of the Great Fire of London

Oak Class - Ryan - for a smiley start to his time at HPA - a learning superstar!

Cherry Class - Jasmine - for her story ending about a little robot and grid method multiplication

Walnut Class - Max - for working hard on his times tables - especially his 6x table.

Magnolia Class - Wilhelmina - for her enthusiastic and hard working approach to all of her work

Acer Class - Emil - for his interesting and amusing report on Tutankhamun

Willow Class - Lucas - for his amazing attitude and achieving - even with his spellings!

Sycamore Class - Justin - for working hard and trying his very best during assessment week.



Week ending 3rd November 2017


Maple Class - Wiktoria - for fantastic word building cvc words independently

Chestnut Class - Ollie - for fantastic recall skills when talking about Guy Fawkes

Elm Class - Harrison - for working hard to remember his finger spaces in his writing]

Ash Class - Robert - for enthusiastic sharing of ideas during our investigation day

Oak Class - Ryan - for measuring well and making links between centimetres and his non-standard units (diens rods and cubes)

Walnut Class - Sydney - for always trying her best at everything she does in school and for always being so polite and happy

Magnolia Class - McKenzie - for his accurate answers to comprehension questions

Acer Class - Cody - for always trying his best in all subjects

Willow Class - Jonny - For his amazing effort with spellings

Sycamore Class - Lewis - for a wonderful half term homework presentation



Week ending 22nd September 2017

Elm Class - Honey - for coming into school with a smile every day of the week.

Ash Class - Katy - for her understanding of dienes to make 2 digit numbers

Oak Class - Yaqub - for trying his best to achieve all his learning and show good learning choices

Cherry Class - Raissa - for always doing her best

Walnut Class - Eoghan - for really working hard with his handwriting and adding finger spaces

Magnolia Class - George - for his use of descriptive language in English this week.

Acer Class - Marcus - for improving his writing further by listening to feedback and editing.

Willow Class - Charles - for his great enthusiasm in all lessons and determination to achieve

Sycamore Class - Logan - for helping another group during our French lesson


Week ending 15th September 2017.

Elm Class - Amelia - for working hard in all lessons producing her best work.

Ash Class - Taylor for his great effort in his big writing this week.

Oak Class - Lily for choosing the right choices in learning behaviour every day

Cherry Class - Mia for her excellent reading diary and the quality of her learning

Walnut Class - MacKenzie for really trying hard in class and producing a super story using descriptive language

Magnolia Class - Vivien for her hard working approach and positive attitude

Acer Class - Bayley for his 'ace' story which he completed at home and shared with the class on a powerpoint

Willow Class - Alfred for consistently demonstrating perfect behaviour and effort in lessons

Sycamore Class - Braydon and Edward for working on organisational skills and remembering diaries and reading books.


Well done everyone.