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Reading is a key skill that supports many aspects of daily life as well as being something for pupils and staff to enjoy.

Reading begins at Holbeach Primary Academy in the Early Years setting with books being shared as part of English lessons and during daily story time sessions. The main skill that is developed during the first year at school is pupil's recognition and understanding of the letters and sounds we use in the English language. Letter and sound recognition develops into blending and reading words as well as identifying 'tricky' words which can not be sounded out. The love of books is promoted through the staff daily sharing books they enjoy and allowing the pupils to share their own books from home.

During Key Stage 1 the reading focus continues with the skill of word recognition supported by Phonics to develop fluent reading. As well as word recognition, comprehension skills become a key area for development. Pupils are encouraged to discuss what they have read in order to show their understanding of the text. This begins with discussions with an adult, then within a group and then the pupils begin to record their understanding through written comprehension questions. Pupil's receive daily Guided Reading lessons with both independent and supported tasks. Reading is also developed through other curriculum areas including research for topics and as a stimulus for dance in PE.

During Key Stage 2 comprehension skills continue alongside word recognition. At this point the word recognition is supported by pupil's knowledge of GPS and exploring the meaning of new words. Comprehension involves the development of higher order thinking skills and making links to own experiences as well as other texts. Pupil's continue to receive daily Guided Reading lesson during Key Stage 2 as well as reading opportunities across the curriculum.

Our Reading Journey

Our Reading Journey 1

Year 1 Reading Activities

Year 1 Reading Activities 1
Year 1 Reading Activities 2
Year 1 Reading Activities 3
Year 1 Reading Activities 4
Year 1 Reading Activities 5
Year 1 Reading Activities 6
Year 1 Reading Activities 7
Year 1 Reading Activities 8

Guided Reading

Guided Reading 1 Guided reading phonic activity
Guided Reading 2 Guided reading word building activity
Guided Reading 3 Whole class story time
Guided Reading 4 Year 3 Guided reading dictionary work
Guided Reading 5 Year 3 Guided reading dictionary work
Guided Reading 6 Year 3 Guided reading dictionary work
Guided Reading 7 Year 2 Guided Reading

Reading diaries

When a pupil begins their first day at Holbeach Primary Academy they will receive a green reading diary. This diary is for pupils, staff and parents to use as a communication tool as well as a reading record. Any reading that takes place at home or in school should be recorded in the diary.

In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 the recording  is mainly completed by adults with some Year 2s beginning to record their own reading towards the end of the year. In Key Stage 2 pupils take more responsibility for their reading and therefore be more likely to record their own reading.

Class teachers will

  • read with pupils at least once a week through Guided Reading or one to one reading which will be recorded in the diary
  • monitor dairies through a message or signature

Parents will

  • read with their child at least 3 times per week and record this in their diary.
  • each week the diary will be signed to show parents have read seen the entries made

If you are unsure of the types of comments to record in the diaries please see the suggestions in the document below.

Pupils will

  • Bring their diary to school every day
  • Take pride in their diary to keep it tidy
  • Record their own reading or encourage grown ups to record their reading


Volunteer readers

Volunteer readers 1 Mrs Kerry reading with Year 1 and 2