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Year 1 Phonics check 2018 will be during the week beginning 11th June 2018


Phonics in Key Stage 1 at Holbeach Primary Academy

Phonics is the primary way we teach children to read.  We continue to build on what the children have previously learned in Foundation stage.

Phonics is taught daily and children are in phonics groups dependent on what their needs are.

We learn alternative ways of spelling sounds we already know and different ways of pronouncing graphemes.

During lessons we play games online and practically.  We write, we read and we talk.  

Helping your child with phonics

Phonics works best when children are given plenty of encouragement and

learn to enjoy reading and books. Parents play a very important part in

helping with this.

      Some simple steps to help your child learn to read through phonics:

  • With all books, encourage your child to ‘sound out’ unfamiliar words and then blend the sounds together from left to right rather than looking at the pictures to guess. Once your child has read an unfamiliar word you can talk about what it means and help him or her to follow the story.
  • Sometimes your child will bring home words with a certain sound or spelling in to practise reading.
  • Try to make time to read with your child every day. Grandparents and older brothers or sisters can help, too. Encourage your child to blend the sounds all the way through a word.
  • Word games like ‘I-spy’ can also be an enjoyable way of teaching children about sounds and letters. You can also encourage your child to read words from your shopping list or road signs to practise phonics.
  • Useful websites:



Year 2 Phonics

Year 2 Phonics 1 Identifying alternate spellings
Year 2 Phonics 2 Identifying alternate spellings