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Our Weekly Adventures

Here you will be able to find out about all the exciting things Elm class have been doing. Check back every Friday for an update.

Friday 20th April 2018 

Welcome back to the summer term! We have had a busy and hard working week! We have been reading George's Marvellous Medicine and from this have been planning our own marvellous medicines and there effects on people! They sound brilliant! We will be writing our own instructions to make our medicines next week. 

Please see our gallery for photos of our messy afternoon! We got so messy and really enjoyed opening our topic! 


Friday 23rd March 

We have had a very busy few weeks in Elm class! Last week was science week and we completed 3 different science investigations. Please see our gallery to see pictures of our amazing and exciting experiments! This week has been Sports Relief week and we have been completing different sports challenges every day! Monday was hula-hooping, Tuesday was skipping, Wednesday was target practise, Thursday was dance and today was circuits! We have been writing letters in English and practising our addition and subtraction in maths! 

Friday 2nd March 

We have had only 2 days in school this week due to some severe weather. Next week when we are back in school we will be practising and improving our calculation skills. We will also be planning our own under the sea stories! We will be designing homes for hermit crabs, learning about sea weed and hopefully getting outside to continue football! Enjoy your long weekend and the snow but stay safe! Homework is up if anybody wants to complete it over the weekend. Spelling tests will be on Monday so keep practising them! 

Friday 2nd February 2018


This week we have been looking at alliteration! We have been applying our knowledge to sports to write poems about them. See our gallery for photos of our poems! In maths we have been dividing by sharing and grouping! In PE and topic we have been practicing hard for our carnival on Thursday next week and we cannot wait to see you their! 

Friday 19th January 2018

Today was our Cancer Research Winter Walk! We wrapped up warm and went on our sponsored walk around the field. We managed 4 laps before we got very tired! Along the way we spotted the different signs of winter! The children were fantastic! 

In maths we have been halving shapes, quantities and numbers. Next week we will be quartering shapes, quantities and numbers! In English we have been listening to Brazilian myths and legends. We changed the ending to one and next week we will be writing our own myths and legends! 

Picture 1

Friday 12th January 2018

Welcome back to Elm class! We hope you have had an amazing Christmas and are ready for a busy and exciting new year! 

We have started the new year working very hard. We have been multiplying numbers using physical resources and pictorial representations in maths. In English we have been designing our own mythical creatures ready to write a story about them! 

Friday 1st December

This week we have been busy creating information booklets on the London Eye. We have learnt lots of facts and really enjoyed producing booklets to share this information! We also critique our own writing in the booklets and chose our own next steps! 

In maths we have been subtracting numbers and showing these as part whole and bar models. 

In outside PE this week we have been practising our bat and ball skills! 

Friday 24th November

This week in Elm class we have been learning to tell the time. We have looked at telling the time to o clock and half past. We have even been adding hours and taking away hours to find a new time. We have also been learning the days of the week and the months of the year! 

In topic we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We have really enjoyed this. It has been our favourite part of the topic so far! 

Here is what some children have to say about the fire: 


'The fire spread so quick because the houses were made of wood.' 

'The houses were very close together so they caught fire more easy.' 

'Only 6 people died altogether.' 

Friday 17th November 

It is the end of another busy week in Elm Class. In English we have been looking at the story of Katie in London. From this we are planning to write our own stories about trips around London. 

In maths we have been busy with addition. We have used a 100 square to add numbers and then represented these on bar models and part whole models. Ask your child at home to show you one of these! They are really supporting our understanding of number! 

We had a great day today raising money for children in need! Thank you to everyone for the kind donations, wonderful teddy bears and cakes! 

Picture 1

Friday 3rd November 2017

Welcome back after a lovely half term!

We have been working really hard this week! In maths we have been practising our number bonds to 10 using part whole models and bar models! Next week onto 20! In English we have been looking at the story of the Tiger who came to Tea and today we wrote our own versions!

We have started our new exciting topic 'Bright Lights Big City' by locating London and Holbeach on a map!

Friday 20th October

Using the Now Press Play headsets to act out a super hero story.

Friday 13th October 2017

On Monday our knight returned! We used our PSHE skills to think about how we could make him feel welcome and how we feel when we start some where new!

Evil Dr Slime also paid us a visit, leaving all of him bad rules around the school covered in disgusting slime! We dressed as super heroes to save the day! See our gallery to look at our amazing photographs!


Friday 6th October

This week has been a very exciting week. We have been cooking! We made some fantastic pasta salads that we hoped you enjoyed at home. We chose the ingredients we wanted to use and prepared them ourselves. We did the same when we made a fruit salad. We enjoyed these at snack time! Next week we are going to write some instructions so that everybody can make our fantastic dishes. We have also been exploring weight and I maths measured some ingredients to make cornflake cakes!

Please see our gallery for the pictures of us cooking all week!


Picture 1

Friday 29th September

We have had another busy week in Elm class. In English we have been writing our stories about a real life super hero and they are amazing! They have a clear beginning middle and end. The middle of the stories were so exciting that Miss Hughes and Mrs Walker couldn't wait to find out what happened next!

In maths we have continued with calculation work but this week focussing on subtraction. Miss Hughes set us some very challenging problems but we did so well solving them!

Today we tasted some different foods to decide which were our favourites and to describe how they tasted. We tried radish, olives, bananas, oranges, crackers, different coloured peppers and ice cubes. Next week we are cooking some healthy meals!

Friday 22nd September 2017

We have had a very busy week in Elm class this week! In mathematics we have been looking at addition. We have been using cubes, number lines and 100 squares! We have even looked at missing number calculations such as 2+___________= 5! In English we have been planning stories about real life Heroes such as fire fighters and mountain rescuers! Miss Hughes is very excited to read them next week when we have written them!

Miss Hughes is very very proud of how well we have settled down in year 1 and how hard we are working! It is going to be a very exciting year! :)

Below are details of our weekly adventures from 2016 2017.

These will shortly be archived.

Keep watching for news from 2017 2018.


Friday 23rd June 2017

We have had an extremely busy and exciting week this week! On Wednesday we went on our school trip to Lincoln Castle and had a FANTASTIC time. The children did the school proud with their amazing behaviour. Please see our gallery for photos of us on the  trip. We did the medieval walk, looked at features of a castle and went to the top of the tower. We were really brave because the tower was high, the steps were steep and it was dark! Some of us fell asleep on the coach on the way home!

Today we did our maths lesson with Walnut class. This was extremely exciting as we had to complete obstacle courses and find the treasure by giving directions! Photos are on our gallery!

Next week we will be meeting our class teachers for next year and we are very excited!

Friday 16th June

What an exciting week we have had this week! Firstly, thank you for the amazing boat homeworks! They are all so amazing and so much effort has been put into them! Please see our gallery for photos of the boats before they raced! Today was the day of the boat race! We set up the paddling pool and raced our boats in partners. There was even some waves created by the children that the boats had to overcome on their journey! There was a lot of excitement and cheering! Please see our gallery for photos of the boat race.

In maths we have been exploring weight and capacity! In English we have finished writing our exciting stories about the journey of our ships!




The winning boats! (more photos in our gallery) 

Friday 9th June

What a busy first week back we have had! The children have packed in some fantastic learning this week. We launched our new topic 'Land Ahoy' but creating some of our stories about a journey on a boat. So far we have written our beginnings and are planning the middle. They sound so exciting! We have sea monsters, sharks, pirates and lots more. Next week we will upload some of the stories for you to read! In topic we have located some of the seas around the UK. We got a ride in a real life kayak (see our gallery for pictures), drew some ships and completed a science experiment to discover what materials float and which sink! We are looking forward to next week!

Friday 26th May


Well we have made it to the end of term 5. What a busy week we have had this week with our whole school photo and our class photos! Not to mention all of the amazing learning we have completed. We have looked at telling the time and the children amazed me with how well we did! We even looked at quarter past and quarter to! In topic work we have located hot and cold parts of the world and named the continents. We practised some different running races in PE and then KS1 choir performed in assembly for the first time!! See below a picture of the members from Elm class after their performance!

We really hope you all have a lovely well deserved rest this week ready for our final term together where we are sailing the seven seas in our new topic Land Ahoy!


Lacie- May, Chloe, Rachel, Eddie, Alexis and Elouise! - Elm class choir members!!!

Miss Hughes is extremely proud of your amazing performance today! Well done!

As we come to the end of term 5 we will be down to our final 6 weeks together as a class and look how much we have grown and changed!!!

I could not be more proud of how grown up the children are or how much they have learned this year. Every single one of them has made so much progress. I am looking forward to seeing how amazing they are as we enter the last term of year 1!

May 2017

September 2016

Friday 19th May

The children have worked extremely hard this week as we have packed in so much learning! In maths we have been solving all sorts of problems and then using our reasoning skills to explain the answers and how we worked them out! These problems all involved addition and subtraction! Today we ended the week using arrays to solve multiplication. The children blew me and Mrs Rickers away with how amazing they were using arrays as multiplication is very hard for year 1 children!

In English we have been planning our own Non-Chronological Reports on a season! In topic we have been learning all about hot air balloons and how they worked! The children absolutely loved learning about them and they designed their own!!

We are very excited to see what learning takes place in our final week of term!

Friday 12th May


Science Day!

Today in Elm Class we have had our first science day! It was based on the sun and shadows! The day was NOT sunny at all but we did not let this stop our investigations! We used torches to investigate how shadows are formed, why they are formed and how they are affected by position of the sun and distance of the sun away from the object. Please see our gallery for pictures of this!

Also in Elm class this week we have been on holiday! We jetted of on an aeroplane and landed in a whole range of hot countries! We then wrote postcards home to talk about all the exciting things we had been doing whilst we were there!

Friday 5th May

It may have only been a 4 day week but what a busy week we have had in Elm class! Poetry has been the theme in English this week. We looked at a poem all about the wind and have been planning our own wind poems ready to write next week!

In maths we have been solving missing addition and subtraction calculations such as ?+5=12. The children have been amazing at this and have really worked hard to understand how to work out the answer!

In PE with Mr Sutton this week we have been practising our bat and ball skills!

I would like to say how proud I am of the children this week as they have showed exemplary behaviour and an amazing attitude to learning whilst being wonderfully polite and welcoming to our visitors in school this week! The children showed them what I already knew... that they are fantastic! Thank you Elm class and enjoy your weekend!

Thursday 27th April

This week year one have had a very challenging time! We started the week by doing a grammar, spelling and reading test! The children all tried their very best and I am very proud of how hard they worked on them! In maths this week we have been working on our number bonds to 10 and 20 and looking at the related subtraction facts within these! In topic this week we looked at extreme weather across the world! It was amazing that half way through this lesson we had a hail storm which the children loved talking about and taking pictures out the window of this!

In RE we have looked at different celebrations we have in our families! Keep up the hard work Elm class!

21st April 2017

Welcome back to the summer term. What a busy first week back we have had. We have launched our new topic 'Splendid Skies' by packing a suitcase for each season, making our own weather forecasts and painting pictures of different weather. This was very messy as we were allowed to use our hands and fingers to paint with!

We have also been for a spring walk. We have written our own recounts on this spring walk in English. They were so good!

In maths we have been finding fractions of amount and shapes. We even labelled them with the correct fraction!

We are looking forward to the rest of the term!

31st March 2017

We have made it to the end of a busy term! We have worked so hard this term and achieved so much!

This week we have been writing letters to the board of fairies to complain about the goats trip trapping over our bridge. We have used phonics to sound out our words and we have joint our sentences with the conjunctions and, so, but and because.

In maths we have been looking at multiplication and division and using different methods to solve these! This was very tricky but we have done so well!

This week also brings to an end our topic 'towers, tunnels and turrets'. We have really enjoyed this topic and we are looking forward to our school trip to Lincoln Castle in the summer!

We hope you have a lovely Easter break! smiley

Friday 3rd February

In English over the past two weeks we have been writing our own story endings to the traditional tale 'The Tin Soldier'. Our writing has been fantastic and there has been some really good endings which Miss Hughes has really enjoyed reading!

In maths we have been working very hard on multiplication and division. We have used lots of different methods to work out the answers to some very tricky problems!

As part of our topic 'Beat Band Boogie' we have made some instrument's to play in our very own marching band. A video of our marching band will be added to our gallery once we have shown it to the Grand Old Duke of York!


Friday 6th January

Welcome back! We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year! We have kicked of 2017 with a bang introducing our new topic Beat Band Boogie! In English we have been following and writing instructions to make castanets, bottle shakers and balloon drums! In maths this week we have been learning all about, position, movement and directions and have been completing lots of problems that require us to use this knowledge! The children have settled back into school very well and we are very proud of them! We are excited to see what this term brings! smiley

Thursday 15th December

This week a strange and mysterious egg was found on the school field! We wasn't sure what it was until the egg hatched today...

It was a T-Rex. We got to stroke the baby who was called chewy and then we met him mum who was called Millie. We did some fantastic writing about the event! Please see our gallery for more pictures of us meeting the dinosaurs!

Today we also went to UAH for our Christmas dinner! It was really lovely and we had a fantastic time! Thank you UAH!

Tuesday 13th December

Today Elm class went to see the pantomime. It was Robin Hood and Babes in the wood at Blackfriars in Boston! It was great! We really enjoyed it. We are extremely proud of how well behaved the children were!  

Here is what some of the children said their favourite parts of the day were:

' I loved the ghost song. It was so funny. I couldn't stop laughing.'

'The sheriff of Nottingham was my favourite character even though he was a bady and we had to boo him.'

'I loved it when we had to be on muddles team to sing the apple pen song'

'The ice- cream in the break was so nice'




Friday 2nd December

This week a member of Elm Class is helping to write our weekly adventures. This is what she said:

We have done lots of learning. We have done lots of counting in number work. I liked counting in 10's. Counting in 2's was a bit harder but I want to keep practicing.

I loved reading 'Dear Zoo'. It is my favourite book. I liked it when an elephant was sent as a present.

PE was fun this week I like our lion dance from the Lion King.

We have a chocolate calendar to countdown to Christmas!

Friday 25th November

In Elm class this week we had a Tiger come to tea! He ate all the food and we had to create our own shopping lists in English to replace all of the food! We loved the story and completed some fantastic writing all about it!

In maths we have been learning all about shape! This helped us when it came to designing our own zoo's as part of our topic work!

We have learnt a dance in PE to 'The lion sleeps tonight'. See back next week for a video of our dance, we are very proud of it.

Friday 11th November

Our new topic is well underway this week in Elm class. We have been creating animal skin patterns using oil pastels and crayons in art. We have also been using different items such as a lollypop stick, pom poms, ear buds and brushes to explore how we can make different effects using paint.

In English this week we have been looking at different fables. We used Tinga Tinga tales to help us with this. For our big writing this week we wrote our own fables. They were fantastic!

We have started drumming in music and we are all very excited to carry on learning how to use them this term.

We ended this week with a Ukulele concert from UAH and a visit from Pudsey bear!

Friday 4th November


What a busy first week back we have had! We had an exciting visit from some pug puppies and a rabbit to start of our new topic 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers'. The children had a great time and asked lots of questions that we later wrote up as part of English. In English we have been looking at connecting our sentences with the conjunctions 'and' 'but' 'because' and 'so'. The children have written some fantastic sentences!

In maths we have been learning to tell the time ! We can tell the time to o clock and half past. We have also been ordering the days of the week, months of the year and events in the school day.

In PE we have been practising our throwing and catching skills. Next week we are going to start practising our bat and ball skills!


Friday 21st October

We have come to the end of a great first term in Elm class. The children have achieved so much and have worked so hard.

This week we have been making our very own information booklets all about woodland animals! In maths we have been looking at ordering the days of the week, the months of the year and the seasons! In topic we have looked at how we can look after the world and our environment!

We have learnt so much this term and have really enjoyed our topic of 'Enchanted Woodland'. We hope the children have a well deserved rest and we are looking forward to next term and what it will bring! smiley

Friday 7th October


What a busy week we have had in Elm Class!

Our maths work has been all about money! We have been identifying coins, adding amounts of money and finding out how many ways we can make 10p!

In English and Guided Reading we have been focusing on fairy tales! Our main fairy tale has been Hansel and Gretel! We have written our own endings to the story! 

As part of our computing curriculum we have been using the app I stop Motion to make our own stories!

On Wednesday it was No Pens day! We made our own puppet shows in English for this and was great fun! Please see our gallery for pictures of these!

We are all looking forward to seeing the adventures that next week brings! smiley

European Day of Languages


On Monday 26th September it was European Day of Languages. As part of this day Elm class did some of their math lesson in French. We learnt to count to 20 in French. To challenge ourselves even more we practised finding one more and one less than a number in French.

We also learnt to say hello and ask someone how they were in French! We had great fun practising this conversation in partners. smiley

As well as this we also looked at the different languages that we could speak in our class! We learnt to say hello in Polish and Romanian.

Friday 30th September


This week has been really busy in Elm class! The children have worked really hard! We are also very proud of them for their wonderful performance and behaviour in church!

In English we have been learning how to follow and write instructions! We followed instructions to make an Autumn Crown and then wrote our own!

In Maths we have been focusing on adding numbers to 20. We have been using lots of resources and number lines.

In our topic work this week we labelled the parts of a plant! We have also been investigating pine cones and whether or not they are good at telling the weather!

Alongside all of this we have been preparing very hard for our Harvest service by learning all the songs and making corn dollies.

We have had a very enjoyable week with Elm class! smiley


Friday 23rd September

We have had a very busy week this week in Elm class. In maths we have been working very hard learning our number bonds to 10. We learnt a song called Farmer Pete to help us remember them. We have been using a lot of practical resources to support our learning.

In English we have been planning our own stories about that are set in a woodland. We designed a character to be in our story, we planned it using a story board and then for our big writing we wrote our story. Miss Hughes and Mrs Walker are so impressed with how hard we worked on our stories! They are fantastic!

In our outdoor PE session we have been practising our throwing and catching skills. In computing we have been using the app called stop motion on the IPads. We are looking forward to seeing what next week brings!

Friday 16th September


The children in Elm class have continued to settle in well and are fully embracing year one life! They are working very hard and we are very happy to be working with them!

This week in English we have been looking at the story of Fantastic Mr Fox as part of Roald Dahl' 100th birthday celebrations. We have been focusing on character descriptions and made a WANTED poster to describe Mr Fox from the story.

In Maths this week we have been measuring length and height! We have ordered different objects by size and measured things using non-standard measurements! 

As part of our Enchanted Woodland topic we have explored what a habitat is and what animals would live in the woods. We also looked at finding facts about squirrels!

We have had a very busy week and are looking forward to what next week brings!smiley

Friday 9th September

Well done to all the children in Elm class for settling into the new school year and trying their best with all the work we have done so far. We are very proud of everything you have achieved this week!

In Maths we have been looking at Place Value including ordering numbers, counting and finding 1 more and 1 less. In English we have enjoyed sharing the story of The Gruffalo and then writing a recount of the story.

In topic this week we have been exploring the areas of woodland around the school and looking at the different types of trees we can find. We really enjoyed sorting leaves based on whether they are evergreen or deciduous! The children enjoyed an exciting end to the week by creating their very own Boggarts using clay on the trees near the mound on the school field. Photos of these can be found in the gallery on our class page.

It has been a great first week and we are all looking forward to next week.smiley