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Our Weekly Adventures

Term 6 2018

Friday 13th July

This afternoon we played host to Cherry Class and Walnut Class as they visited our Dinosaur Planet museum.  We spent the week creating signs, explanation texts and more to get ready.  Mr Green and Mr Cowie said that they were very impressed with the high standard of artwork and knowledge, saying we really were palaeontologists in the making!  We really enjoyed sharing what we had learnt and made. Find out more with our photos in 'Our Gallery'.


Thursday 6th July

Over the last two weeks we have become real dino experts!  After looking at the life cycle of a dinosaur we found out as reptiles they are born from eggs!  Did you know the eggs weren't just different sizes but shaped like things such as a football, a rugby ball or even a potato!  We have also been working hard at sewing the features onto our sock-a-sauruses.  They're nearly finished!


Also this week we have finished our very own garden- you can find it in front of the willow tunnel.  We have called it 'HPA's Little Kingdom' as it has a CBeebies Ben and Holly theme!  Have a peek at Twinkle's flower garden and Freddie's vegetable patch!  This was our part of our Academy's entry to Holbeach In Bloom this year and we think it's great!


Friday 22nd June

Can you believe it?! On Monday we came into the classroom to find dino footprints, teeth and scratches!  What made them?  We went straight to work to find out.  After discussing the clues, researching different dinosaurs and making factfiles we concluded that it had been a velociraptor!  Our study went on to describe how the skeletons of dinosaurs tell us about their bodies.  We even compared a T-Rex to a crocodile!


Friday 15th June

As we delve further into our topic, Oak Class have been researching the life of Mary Anning- the first and greatest fossil hunter!  We have also looked closer at the tails, spikes, horns, etc. of different dinosaurs- even recreating the teeth of both plant and meat eaters in clay!  Our riddles describe the different features and movements of the dinosaurs using adjectives and similes.


Friday 8th June

This week we have been dino rangers on our school trip- see 'Our Gallery' to spot the different types of dinosaurs we encountered and more!  Back at school we looked closer at what the landscape would have and what would be missing from our everyday world in prehistoric times.  We then used a range of materials in groups to recreate this world of the dinosaurs.  In English we have written a detailed, sequenced account of our trip to explain what our role as rangers entailed and what we learnt.


We completed the week with a whole academy India Day- a focus on celebrations within the Indian culture and religion of Hinduism gave us the chance to taste delicious food, consider the role of design in rangoli patterns as well as look at examples of dress and mehndi patterns by our very own Mrs Rasel with Miss Clayton.

Term 5 - Muck, Mess and Mixtures


Visit Our Gallery now to see how we concluded our Arts Award Discover project with Mr Hird from the Lincs Music Hub.  Our theme was pirates, linking to our last topic of Beachcombers.  We performed different sections including singing, drumming and acting.  We also described what we learnt about Mr Hird as a musician and what we enjoyed abut the pieces of music he played for us on the flute.

Week 3-

We have had a great week involving a Hungry Caterpillar in English and lots of foods to our own tasting session.  We decided if thinks looked round or pointy; smelt sweet or stale; tasted vinegary or sugary....and lots more!  Using the iPads we recorded the story of The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle in our own words over the pictures to create a mini film.  We also used paint ice cubes to create swirling, colour mixing artwork outside!


Week 2-

Food has been the focus for a lot of our lessons this week as we have been looking at Revolting Recipes by Roald Dahl, measuring weight and capacity in maths AND looking at how to create not just a balanced diet with different fruits, vegetables, etc. but also pictures in the style of Carl Warner!  As it has made us very hungry we will be tasting and testing some new and maybe familiar foods next week and find out where in the world they come from.


Week 1

Welcome back!  Our first few days have proven to be full of fun, sunshine and smiles.  Already we have been testing different products to see which make the largest or the foamiest or the longest lasting bubbles.  We have also had our messy afternoon which involved mixing powders, gels, foam and liquids.  What happened? How did they feel, look and smell?  Check out the gallery later this week to see the photos to find out!  Alongside our topic activities we have started reading George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl to find out just how amazing and/ or harmful mixtures can be to us in a fun story.

Term 4- Beachcombers

Friday 23rd March

"Step it up, give it all you've got!"  A line from the Sports Relief song that we have really tried to live up to this week in Oak Class.  Every day we have taken part in a mini 'Challenge of the Day' to try and be more active.  Monday- hula-hoop challenge; Tuesday- skipping; Wednesday- hit the target; Thursday- Body Boogie; Friday- circuit.  We tried our best to be 'Supermovers' and definitely enjoyed taking part in individual, inter-house and class activities. Our favourite part was dancing with the rest of the school and teachers in assembly to the Body Boogie video with amazing air guitar skills!  Head over to Our Gallery for photos.


Friday 16th March

This week in school we have been scientists as part of British Science Week.  Year 1 and 2 have been exploring different aspects of the animal kingdom, our life as humans and the world around us.  Our experiments this week including making a model grasshopper to illustrate how animals make sounds in different ways; helping creatures to escape from ice and how plastic was made from milk (a similar process to how cheese is made).  We all certainly enjoyed ourselves and recorded lots of ideas using scientific language.  Check out Our Gallery for pictures!


Friday 2nd March

We hope that you have enjoyed the snow over the last few days and look forward to hear all about it on Monday!  Please be aware that homework is available from the Homework web-page (accessed from the tab on 'Oak Class' home page.  Spellings will be carried over into next week and will therefore be tested on Friday 9th March.


Activities intended for World Book Day are rescheduled for Thursday 8th March.


Friday 23rd February

To begin our new topic Oak Class have been exploring what they think 'beachcombing' involves.  We decided that it means we would be learning what could find growing or laying along the seashore, including in micro-habitats such as rockpools and on cliff-sides.  We used this idea to discover what grows in micro-habitats around our school such as near logs and under stones in the woodland area.  We decided that some of things we had found were living, never alive or had been living at some point. no

On Thursday we used our Science skills further along with the measuring skills we had been practising in Maths this week on our second Day of Investigation.  Our class looked at how changing the shape of a track could affect the distance an object rolled along it would travel.  We had great fun looking at rollercoaster tracks, BMX bike tracks and race tracks!  As part of our investigation we created a question to test, made predictions and shared our results in charts.  We even made some wacky tracks of our own using DT skills of cutting, folding, bending and joining!  See 'Our Gallery' for some of our photos from the day! mail smiley


Term 3- Rio de Vida

Friday 9th February

Thank you to all the children for being amazing at our end of topic Carnival celebration!  Thank you to parents and carers also for providing costumes and attending- it was such a great turn out!  We hope you enjoyed the musical instruments, dancing and headdresses as much as we did. frown

Over the half term we are starting to look at our new topic: Beachcombers.  See the Homework page for more information.  Also- keep an eye on your letterbox as Oak Class wrote postcards about a pretend trip to Rio for the carnival this week and they will be posted soon!


Friday 2nd February

We've been getting ready for our Celebration Carnival!  Are you coming to see the spectacular dancing and costumes?  All parents of Ash, Oak and Elm Class are welcome to attend next Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm- please provide your child with colourful clothes to change into, brought to school in a named bag please.


What you will see from us:

- our handmade samba instruments including plastic bottle ganzas (shakers) and cardboard tube drums!

- an original Oak Class carnival dance using samba moves

- headdresses showing our favourite celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas and Harvest


Tuesday 16th January

We have started the week with lots of fun activities around times tables to continue our study on multiplication and into division so far this week.  these have included mini tasks using the website Times Tables Rockstars and a treasure hunt with multiples of 5 around the classroom.


Also this week Oak Class have welcomed Mr Herd for the second time.  He is kindly introducing the children to an in-depth unit of music involving singing, playing and new vocabulary.  This will allow the children to gather evidence towards and arts award that he is hosting.


Friday 12th January

After a full week back at school Oak Class have made a great start to our new topic 'Rio de Vida' by looking at natural wonders of the country of Brazil using maps and atlases.  Did you know this is where the Amazon River and rainforest can be found?  We have also compared manmade features of the city of Rio to London using photos and videos.  Finally this week we have created a collage of colour and texture to represent the excitement of carnival.

Term 2- Bright Lights, Big City

Friday 15th December

With a mischevious elf taking stickers and decorating the classroom we have been busy making preparations ourselves here in Oak Class for the upcoming holiday.  What a fantastic time we had at the pantomime on Tuesday!  We booed and cheered and laughed with the ugly sisters and Cinderella as they got us in the Christmas spirit.  Also this week we have finished our topic 'Bright Lights, Big City' by discussing whether we would like to live in a city, town or village based on reading the book 'The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse'.


Thank you to everyone who supported Christmas Jumper Day today and joined us in church for our annual service.  We looked festive and warm at the same time! 


Thursday 30th November

Advent is upon us!  In Oak Class this term we have been looking at celebrations, reasons to give gifts and what precious gifts we can give that cost nothing such as a hug and kindness.  We are very excited after talking about Advent today as we will be opening the first calendar window tomorrow!

In addition to this we have been sharing top tips on how to read a text and answer different styles of questions.


Friday 17th November

Thank you to everyone that donated towards Children in Need today.  I'm sure you'll agree that Oak Class look 'spotacular'! 

Throughout this week we have been looking at the landmarks of London.  We began with the book 'Katie in London' and used the idea of an adventure in the city to write our own story.  In Art we painted and drew buildings such as the Royal Opera House, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.  Our focus was on the choice of thick or thin pencils and paintbrushes which we used to create shapes and curved or straight lines.

Friday 3rd November

Starting our topic, the children considered what a city is and how it is the same and different to a town.  They considered where they live in Holbeach to larger settlements they had visited such as London.  Now we are brilliant at identifying different countries and capital cities in Great Britain on our maps! 


Also this week we had our first official Day of Investigation that gave us lots of opportunities to link skills and knowledge from Science, Maths and DT.  We took different measurements from our knight sculpture and used them to create a simple paper template.  We then investigated different party outfits and materials to inform our designs for a new outfit that our Lincoln Knight might wear for our party picnic on Monday afternoon!

Term 1 Superheroes

Tuesday 17th October

This week in Oak Class we are using photos and signs from our afternoon last week to write new instructions for Professor Slime and his followers.  Last Thursday we caught him and started to show him what good choices he could make- see Our Gallery for photos!  Already we have discussed as a class different scenarios in school, choices we can make and what the consequences might be.  by doing so we have chosen the best option to a safe, happy and learning school!  here are some examples:


People shout on the bandstand- they can stop shouting- they are a good person and get a sticker.  (Sandra)


People keep talking in assembly- we can tell the teacher nd they will ask them to stop- we have a quiet assembly. (Zofia)


Tuesday 10th October

Calling all superheroes!  Professor Slime has been seen around Holbeach!  He is leaving instrcutions around, hoping that children pick them up and follow them to make the wrong choices.  Can you help us save the children by showing them the right things to do?  You will need to be dressed to impress on Thursday afternoon- we have already started making masks to keep our identity secret from the villain.  Watch this space for an update on how we save the day!


Tuesday 3rd October

Superfoods, Super me!  The theme of this week in Oak Class is superfoods- those delicious fruits and vegetables that are packed with special ingredients such as fibre and vitamin A.  In English we are writing factfiles to inform others about these amazing foods.  Our DT lessons so far this week have involved tasting as part of research and designing healthy lunches that we could make with them.  I wonder what we will be making on Thursday?  Keep an eye out in Our Gallery for more!


Tuesday 27th September

Hola!  Today we are celebrating European Day of Languages across the school.  In Key Stage 1 we looked at colours in Spanish and used these words to describe our biscuit decorations and sort food pictures.  Our posters were on display at the Macmillan Café after school- we hope you liked them!



Friday 22nd September

Jeans for Genes/ CLIC Sargent

Thank you to all the children who took part in our denim and pink non-uniform day today and for donations sent in by parents and carers.  We had great fun adding them to Hulk's picture outside and we took time to discuss what the charities did to help those in need.  This linked well to our understanding of this term's British Value: Tolerance and it fitted in with talking about how different parts of our bodies work to understand the world around us (our senses).



Tuesday 19th September

Pow! Bang! Zoom! We have started our new year with a super topic!  So far we have identified what makes a hero and what role they play in helping others using the fiction book Superkid by Claire Freedman.  This afternoon Oak Class have looked further into real-life heroes such as firefighters, paramedics and even teachers!  We have also researched famous heroes from the past such as Florence Nightingale and Rosa Parks. 

In Maths Year 2 began by looking at heights and lengths to measure masks, capes and even buildings for our superheroes to fly over!  We continued by concentrating on counting and how we know what a number means by looking at each part- the tens digit and the ones digit. 

Below are details about our weekly adventures in 2016 2017.

This page will be archived shortly.

Keep watching for news of our adventures in 2017 2018.


Term 6- Land Ahoy!

Friday 7th July

Arrrr me hearties!  What a week it has been for our group of scallywags and landlubbers.  Head over to 'Our Gallery' for photos of captains, deckhands and treasure-hunters on our priate afternoon this week.  We had great fun on the obstacle course finding gold doubloons and singing sea shanties dressed in our finest costumes.  Also this week we created wanted posters for famous pirates, describing their appearance and personalities.


Friday 23rd June

Well done to all of Year 2 and Year 1 for a fantastic trip to Lincoln Castle this week!  Please see our Gallery for photos!  We enjoyed walking along the castle walls looking at the features of the castle and the views of Lincoln.  A brave bunch!

Also this week, Oak Class have worked collaboratively with Magnolia Class in Year 3 to produce our vegetable mosaic entries for Mrs Kenyon and our local photography club competition.


Friday 16th June

What a hot week it has been!  It hasn't stopped our fun though.  This week we have linked measuring in Maths and PE to prove that sprinting is the fastest way to win a race on Sports Day.  We've continued practising before the big day on July 3rd.  Also in Maths we measured capacities and weights also leading up to today's investigation- how much can a boat hold before it sinks? The question was posed after looking at the adventures of famous explorers including a local hero Sir John Franklin.


Friday 9th June

Where in the world are we?  What countries are part of the United Kingdom?  These are questions we investigated with world maps this week as we prepare to set sail on our exploring adventures in our topic Land Ahoy.  We have also had some first hand looks at a kayak and then at photographs of real boats to discuss similarities and differences in size, features and purpose.  Our drawings reflect our knowledge of shape and line.  in English we have inferred lots of clues about a little boat's adventure and used these ideas to write original stories.  I wonder where next week will take us?


Half Term-

We are preparing for a huge journey across the globe in Year 2 during our new topic Land Ahoy!  While we at school are busy packing supplies and planning our route the children have been asked to complete a homework project to be completed by Wednesday of Week 2- 14th June.  Testing out different materials, we have asked them to make a boat that is sea-worthy to speed against one another to reach the treasure island first in our boat race!

Term 5- Splendid Skies

Friday 19th May

Up, up and away!  That was this week's theme.  We started by watching a clip of Disney Pixar's movie Up where Mr Frederickson takes his house on a balloon journey! We have designed our own hot air balloons after thinking about how they work and where we would go on our own adventures.  In English we have been watching various weather reports and looking at forecasts for this weekend.  This has helped us write our own reports, thinking about what tips we can give on what activities would be good based on the conditions and what to take with you.  Here is an extract of one of the first drafts:

'If you go out, remember to bring a coat, umbrella and wellies too.  There might be some dark rainclouds but there might be some sun too.'


The most exciting part of the week was completing our portraits of special people in our school for the John Lewis Picture Someone Special art competition.  Our entries were sent off after we took some great photos of the artists, their artwork and the staff members that they are based on.  See our gallery from Monday to view our masterpieces!  More will be added to the Art Curriculum page also.


Friday 12th May

Today we explored how shadows are made and how they can change as the day progresses.  With little sun until the afternoon we used simulations, torches and online activities to predict what would happen to our shadows and decide how to test.  This was a great end of a week about hot weather.  We are looking forward to sharing all the facts we have learnt about weather this week across next week's innovate Project.


Monday 8th May

Oak Class begin their week with a fun approach to the water cycle.  Can you catch a rainbow?  We will be painting them as we travel from 'Rainy Days' from last week's theme into our week of 'Hot Stuff' warmer weather types. Watch this space and our gallery for more information!


Friday 28th April

Wild winds and extreme weather have been our topic this week!  We have plotted on a map of the UK the floods, drought and storms from recent years.  Oak Class then went on to investigate how wind (air resistance) affects the speed that we can run out by carrying out fair Science tests.  We look forward to plotting the weather over the next two weeks as homework to see what the patterns are.


Friday 21st April

Spring is in the air and Oak Class have had a great first week back looking at signs of the new season.  On our Spring Walk on Wednesday we made drawings, collected 'fallen treasures' and took leaf rubbings to record all that we saw, smelt and touched as we walked around the school grounds.  Each area was very different but we found similar things such as leaves, buds and flowers.  We finished with cloud watching on the hill!  Later in the week we recounted what we did in the holidays and used our recounting skills to plan our Big Writing on Monday about our Spring Walk.

In maths Oak Class have been finding equal parts of shapes and numbers - fractions!  We enjoyed finding the secrets of equivalent fractions too.

Term 4- Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Thursday 30th March

At the end of another busy term the Key Stage 1 team would like to thank all children, parents and carers for their support in home learning and school activities over the last six weeks.  We hope that you enjoy a sunny Spring break and we shall see you on Tuesday 18th April to begin our new topic- 'Splendid Skies'. frown


Friday 24th March

This week we became architects and builders for none other than the Three Little Pigs.  Using all our knowledge of materials and structures from across the topic we designed and made a new fort to protect them from the Big Bad Wolf.  We showed good teamwork and chose materials that were good for the job. In English we have looked at a different traditional tale- the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  By acting out we decided how the goats felt about what happened on the bridge that fateful day and why they were upset.  Today we have written a letter of complaint to the Board of Fairy Tales about the nasty troll!


Friday 17th March

Silly Science Showcase is what launched our Science Week at HPA with Professor Sulphur Nitrate sharing lots of amazing chemical reactions and changes with us!  We not only enjoyed it but learnt lots of new scientific vocabulary and concepts too!  Later on in the week we became scientists again when we tested how materials could be changed on different ways- including making slime! (All you need is a bit of cornflour and water).  At the end of the week we crowned our Top Scientist with the Rex Self Award: Well done, Romae! mailfrown

Wednesday 22nd February

Wonderful Wednesday!  What a great day we have had!  This week we have been reading the traditional tale of Rapunzel and compared the main events to those of the film Tangled by Disney.  We really enjoyed playing in role today where we got to hot-seat characters from the story. 


Also today we had a great afternoon trying to knock down the wooden walls of an enemy castle!  We were really testing the properties of different materials but it was such fun when the blocks came tumbling down!  This linked really well to some of the Jenga and tower-building homework projects that we will be sharing in the Homework Showcase assembly this week.

Term 3- End of term

At the end of a busy, exciting term we reflect on our topic Beat Band Boogie and what we have learnt.  Some children enjoyed our musical visitors the most- including Jay a local drummer and Mr Hopkins from Holbeach Band this week. See our gallery for more photos of the instruments that they brought along to explain and demonstrate to us.  Other children enjoyed our own performances the best including our topic showcase to one another and the Grand Old Duke himself!  One activity that we all enjoyed was re-writing the story of The Steadfast Tin Soldier in mini book form. 

Many thanks to all carers, parents and other family members for supporting the children of Oak Class during this topic.  We hope to share more fun learning experiences with you across our next topic of 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets'.  Please see our Homework page for ideas on what you and your child can do in preparation.


Friday 27th January

Oak Class have been concentrating in Maths on multiplication and division in the last two weeks.  We have been recalling times tables facts to help us with matching division facts as well as adding/ subtracting a group at a time on number lines.

In English we have looked at the traditional tale of the Steadfast Tin Soldier but as it has a rather bitter-sweet ending we have decided that our stories will have an alternative ending.  We used marching skills in both PE and Art, focussing on strong shapes and moving to the beat.  See Our gallery for photos of our 'movement canvasses'.  We made them, imagining we were animals in the Chinese New Year Animal Race along with Chinese style paper plate drums.


Friday 20th January

Today we greeted the newest member of HPA- a white model knight on horseback.  Where did he come from?  The children already have ideas on what we could do with him and we shall investigate more as a class next week.


Across the week Oak Class have been investigating sounds and how they create a range of music.  From a dripping tap to a hairdryer we tried to identify lots of sounds that we hear everyday.  We then moved on to how our ears work and what might stop sound appearing to be as clear and as loud as it is at the source.


Friday 13th January

We saw today as Lucky Friday when we started the day with snow!  We tried to use the snow in our Maths capacity lesson but by then it had melted to water.  See below for some of our halving of amounts with 'melted snow'.

In mixed groups we supported one another with filling each container to nearly full. We then poured the water into the measuring cylinder and read the scale. Together we partitioned to find half and we often used facts we know. To find half.

“Half of 2 is 1 so half of 200 is 100!” 

We then tried to pour half back into the container and read the cylinder half to see if it was on the correct value.



Term 2- Friday 9th December

Come to visit Holbeach Zoo!  Opening soon!  Oak Class have been busy designing, building and promoting their own zoos through construction, mask making and posters.  Thank you to all who helped with homework posters- there were so many good examples to share this afternoon to help us design an eye-catching advert.  Also this week we have been reading several poems that used repeating phrases and rhyme.  Here is one great example of Big Writing today, based on 'Please don't feed the animals' by Robert Hull.


Please don't feed the parrots carrots.

Please do not feed the bears big, green pears.

Please do not feed the frogs and dogs hotdogs.

Please do not feed a snake a baked, hot cake!


Friday 25th November

Our super display of artwork with animal patterns is nearly complete!  Photos to follow but please take a look next time you are in school.  It shows the collages and paintings that we finished this week using our knowledge of materials, patterns and colours for the big cats we have studied.  Also this week we invited tigers to have dinner with us using the classic story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr.  Using play food and making labels for Tiger Food cans, we had fun telling stories of what happened when He came to visit our house instead!


Friday 18th November

Big cats were the theme in Topic and English this week.  Using characters from The Lion King we described appearances and personalities to compare the different creatures as well as reading different fables.  In Topic we have used atlases and world maps to find out where different habitats like jungles and mountains are located.  In each habitat we found out about a big cat such as a tiger or snow leopard that lived there.  Later in the week we started creating Big Cat Art in groups- watch this space for when we complete and then release them into the wild next week!


Monday 7th November

Today Oak Class presented their fantastic homework projects from Half Term with the Early Years classes and the rest of Key Stage 1.  The children had shared their scrapbooks and book reviews with their classmates last week but they were too good not to showcase to the rest of our school friends.  Thank you to parents and carers who helped to research, photograph, stick and caption with each child. frown



Thursday 3rd November

Our first week has been full of amazing experiences to kick-start the new topic for Term 2- Paws, Claws and Whiskers.  On Tuesday we had some furry, playful visitors- Mrs Elston's rabbit Hop and Mrs Hagon-Smith's pug puppies.  We watched how they moved, stroked them to see how they felt and how they reacted, then we asked the owners questions on what they do to look after their pet.  We have now started to create a class scrapbook to recount this real life experience.  With so many great, homemade scrapbooks presented in our homework abut our pets and pets of those closest to us we had lots of great examples to work from!



Friday 21st October

Thank you to all the grown-ups and family members that came to share in our topic celebration on Thursday.  We enjoyed preparing and sharing our Good Work Assembly with you all.  We hope you could hear our little voices but I'm sure you'll agree we were brave!  This week as the end of our topic we have recapped everything from this term and looked at the Woodland Trust website to find out what they do to protect the woodlands in Britain.  We thought about how we care for the world in RE and this linked to writing our own pledges this afternoon.


Half term homework can be found on the Homework page and we hope you enjoy getting ready for our next exciting topic- Paws, Claws and Whiskers!


Tuesday 11th October

What a wonderful woodland party we shall have on Friday!  The children have decided what they need to prepare and are bringing in their clothes to dress up as their favourite woodland creature after receiving a special invitation form Mr Fox.  They have been busy creating decorations and learning songs to sing, but we still have masks and food to get ready.

In Maths we have been looking at money and how we can use it.  In our woodland gift shop last week we played shop-keepers and customers.  Our focus was adding coins to make the right amount but this week we will play again with a focus on finding the right change.


Friday 30th September

Woodland flowers, pine cones and other such things were the focus of Topic this week in Oak Class.  We had really good discussions about what makes something living, non-living or dead (once alive) and sorted examples that we had found in our school wooded area.


English was all about being bossy this week!  Using bossy verbs, that is, to follow and write instructions.  We enjoyed making woodland crowns for our upcoming celebration party.


Monday 26th September

Today we celebrated European Day of Languages by finding out how words in French, English, Spanish, Polish and many more came be similar and different.  We started by listening to what people in different countries think animals sound like and how they write words such as 'woof' and 'moo' in their language. 

Have fun finding out too using the website

We also learnt the first verse for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Polish with the help of our Polish speakers in class- Joseph and Dawid. smiley

Friday 16th September

We have a wet end to the week but a fantastic day!  In English this week we have enjoyed Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl and used the phrases that we have read to create our own character descriptions- Wanted posters by the nasty farmers!

                                                 Image result for fantastic mr foxImage result for fantastic mr fox book

We also used characters from the book in Maths to develop our measuring skills by looking at who was the tallest and shortest plus which Small Fox had the longest tail!

Topic and RE this week was centred around changes in the seasons and what live sin a woodland.  The children discussed the Christian creation story in our unit 'The Good Earth' and talked about how our changes through the seasons.  We then looked at the animals that live in the woodland and what happens to some of them during the autumn and winter months.


Friday 9th September           We're Going On A Gruffalo Hunt!

Oak Class took a stroll through the deep, dark wood....

We had great fun following the story of the Little, Brown Mouse as he meets woodland creatures on his walk.  Along the way we looked for Fox's underground house, Owl's treetop house and Snake's logpile house.  We even found what might have been Gruffalo footprints!  Back inside we sequenced the events in story wheels before meeting some of the animals with children and teacher acting in role.  For Big Writing on Friday we put on our Mouse ears and recounted the story from his point of view.  What a trickster he was!

Experience the story together with this link:

Alongside storytelling, Oak Class looked at Place Value in Maths- comparing the value of different numbers and ordering them.  We also counted in equal steps of 2, 5 and 10 really well! We also explored our school woodland area to identify which trees we have and what fallen treasures we could find.  After finding out about forest magical creatures we also made friends with some tree boggarts by creating their faces in clay on tree trunks and adding leaves, seeds and feathers.  See Our Gallery page for photos!


Thank you to everyone for all the summer woodland projects - we had Homework Showcase assemblies to share and our Homework page have a few photos to share with parents and visitors.