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Our Weekly Adventures

Week ending Friday 17th November 2017


This week has seen Willow class complete more work concerning fraction, including comparing, simplifying and ordering both mixed and improper fractions. This has helped the children understand the relationship between division and fractions when finding common factors.

In our Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) sessions, the focus this week has been the use of brackets, commas and dashes for parenthesis when writing and the difference between dashes and hyphens.

Our writing this week has been the task of completing a narrative where the beginning has already been given to them. 

During this week's DT (Design and Technology) session we finalised our plans and designs for our spitfire and produced a list of materials that will be needed.

Anti-bullying VR Workshop ~ 13/11/17

Anti-bullying VR Workshop ~ 13/11/17 1
Anti-bullying VR Workshop ~ 13/11/17 2
Anti-bullying VR Workshop ~ 13/11/17 3
Anti-bullying VR Workshop ~ 13/11/17 4
Anti-bullying VR Workshop ~ 13/11/17 5

Week ending Friday 10th November 2017


Another busy week in Willow class.

In English, we began the week with an introduction on Anne Frank, we learnt all about her family and her life before entering the 'Annexe'. This is where Anne's family hid from the Gestapo during WWII before they were captured and taken to concentration camps. We then looked at diary entries written by Anne during the two years spent in hiding and we began to plan our own diary entry using a mind map, Using the headings of 'see' 'hear' 'touch' and 'feelings' we could transport ourselves to the time of Anne's diary being written, enabling us to add more emotion in our diary writing.

In Maths, this week's focus has been Fractions. We looked at adding and subtracting both common and improper fractions as well as finding fractions of whole numbers.

Using bullet points correctly and consistently has been the focus of our SPaG sessions this week.

During our DT sessions this week we have begun to design our Spitfires in anticipation for building next week.

Week ending Friday 3rd November 2017

Welcome back after Half Term, we hope you all had a lovely, relaxing break.


This week we have started work on this term's topic of 'A Child's War' which will focus on the first and second World Wars and the lasting effects on modern day Britain. In English Willow class have been looking at features associated with diaries and have completed their own diary entry using a day they experienced during Half term. In SPaG, this week's focus has been a revisit of nouns, pronouns and their use in sentences. Our Maths work has concentrated on Fractions, both equivalent, simplified and then ordered on a number line from largest to smallest using differing denominators. RE this term will involve thinking about Remembrance Day and then moving onto the retelling of the Christmas Story. 

Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17

Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 1
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 2
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 3
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 4
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 5
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 6
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 7
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 8
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 9
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 10
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 11
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 12
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 13
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 14
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 15
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 16
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 17
Multi Skills Afternoon 20/10/17 18

Week ending Friday 13th October 2017


This week has seen Willow class completing assessments in Reading, SPaG and Maths. Everyone worked with determination and resilience, well done! 

Topic work this week saw Willow class discover how the railways changed Britain in Victorian times.

On Wednesday we welcomed 3 visitors into school to talk to us about many different aspects of WWII. This will help us next week to write poems for Remembrance Day.

Unfortunately, due to a problem with the pool, Willow was not able to take part in their weekly swimming session.

On Friday every pupil took part in School Games Day, competing in their house teams of Carter, Stukeley, Farmer and Littlebury. In the hall Boccia took place whilst outside teams took part in Hockey matches on the hard standing playground and Volleyball on the field. Everyone enjoyed the day, thank you to both Mr Green for organising the day and to the adults from Agilitas for coming into school and coaching us on each sport. The overall winners were the yellow team.

Week ending Friday 6th October 2017


The end of another busy week in Willow class.

In English we have been planning our narrative using our knowledge of Victorian life. We began by using the heading 'Introduction', answering the questions of When? Where? Who? and Why?, and then continued planning as we built up to a problem, resolution and then, finally, the conclusion. On 'No Pens Day Wednesday' we used oil pastels to create a scene from our story and then later in the day we worked in groups to bring our stories to life using drama.

This week in Maths we have been revisiting formal written methods for multiplication and we have also looked at both squared and cubed numbers.

Our topic work has involved understanding what education for children was like in Victorian times and compare and contrast this to current educational practice.

On Friday we were joined by Reverend Kate as KS2 celebrated Harvest Festival. Thank you to everyone that joined us in school for this celebration and for the many donations of items. These have been passed onto the Holbeach Community Larder.

Swimming ~ 03/10/17

Swimming ~ 03/10/17 1

Week ending Friday 29th September 2017


We have had another busy week in Willow class.

In Maths we have been revisiting two of the four calculation functions of addition and subtraction using formal written methods, including decimals. At the beginning of the week during our SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) sessions we have been punctuating speech in our writing, both direct and indirect and then moved on to looking at story structure and using a variety of sentence openers. This week during English we have started to write our book reviews using paragraphs to group information.

On Tuesday we took part in our weekly swimming session in Spalding.

We are very lucky to have two visitors coming in to work with both Sycamore and Willow classes on computing during our Multi Skills afternoons. Rhys and Brad are studying Computer Science (CISCO) and Media over in the Sixth Form at UAH and will be coming in every Friday to take small groups and introduce them to Programming. 


Please take a moment to look through our pictures.

Multi Skills Afternoon ~ 29/09/17

PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball

PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 1
PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 2
PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 3
PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 4
PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 5
PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 6
PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 7
PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 8
PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 9
PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 10
PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 11
PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 12
PE with Mr Sutton ~ 28/09/17 ~ Handball 13

Week ending September 22nd 2017


This week we have again been completing lots of hard work! 

In Maths we have continued work on Place Value, this week focussing on negative numbers as well as both multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000.

In English we have been writing biographies, firstly about each other and then about Queen Victoria.

In our afternoon sessions we have been experimenting with electrical circuits in Science, we have retold the story of Siddhartha Gautama in RE and during our Multi Skills afternoon we made lava lamps, cooked mini quiches,  learning about Victorian life with our museum boxes containing Victorian artefacts and completed cross stitch.

Please take a moment to look through our pictures.

Multi Skills Afternoon ~ 21/09/17

Multi skills ~ 15/09/17

Multi skills ~ 15/09/17 1
Multi skills ~ 15/09/17 2
Multi skills ~ 15/09/17 3
Multi skills ~ 15/09/17 4
Multi skills ~ 15/09/17 5
Multi skills ~ 15/09/17 6
Multi skills ~ 15/09/17 7
Multi skills ~ 15/09/17 8
Multi skills ~ 15/09/17 9
Multi skills ~ 15/09/17 10
Multi skills ~ 15/09/17 11
Multi skills ~ 15/09/17 12

Friday 8th September 2017

During our first multi-skills afternoon Willow and Sycamore joined together and completed activities including Science investigations, sewing, cooking and printing. Please take a moment to have a look at the pictures taken during the afternoon.