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Notes from SENCO

If you were not aware as of September 2016 Gosberton House School have joined the Lincolnshire Educational Trust alongside HPA and UAH. We are beginning to establish links with the new Gosberton House Academy.

At Holbeach Primary Academy we embrace an inclusive ethos and provide the opportunities for all pupils to reach their full potential.


At Holbeach Primary Academy we have developed our own SEN Information Report, this explains the provision and resources available for pupils requiring SEN Support. If you are concerned about your child the Information Report provides details about the processes we follow and some additional agency websites that could be useful.


If you have any concerns or queries regarding SEN Support at Holbeach Primary Academy do not hesitate to contact our SENCo, Miss Barber.


Please take a moment to browse our exciting Information Report, any feedback is valued to develop the document further.