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The Teaching of Mathematics at Holbeach Primary Academy


In order to build further on our continued successes in external and internal assessments, the Maths  team and staff at HPA will focus on two main areas.

2017 has been designated "The Year of Investigation"- a whole-school, cross-curricular theme which benefits our Mathematics focus on reasoning and problem solving. Children are taught to articulate and demonstrate how and why solutions to problems are reached, rather than just producing answers. 

We are following a Teaching to Mastery programme which allows children more time to achieve a depth of understanding before they move on to new concepts.

Our second focus is on the use of concrete objects and diagrams as much as abstract questioning to support and assess learning across the whole school. Teachers are re-evaluating their use of resources to support understanding, particularly for written methods for the four functions. HPA has always been strong in maths calculations and this focus will support those with extra needs as well as those who can compute but lack a deep understanding of that process.

We look forward to the renewed confidence, enjoyment of learning and academic sucesses that these two foci will bring.