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Maths Award

Each week the Maths Award is celebrated through our whole school assembly.  Each class celebrates a nominated pupil who receives the award for achievements, progress or determination in a particular mathematical area or applying their knowledge somewhere in the curriculum.  When they achieve three nominations the pupil will receive our special Maths Award badge to show what a superstar mathematician they are.  Keep checking back to see who are new Maths Award stars are!

Maths Awards

Term 6 2018- 25.06.18

Chestnut Class: Amelia- for work with numbers to 100.

Elm Class: Maisy- 3rd award- for good inverse work

Ash Class: Mason- for using given calculations to create the inverse

Oak Class: Lacie-May- for finding the next multiple of 10 on a number line to find differences

Cherry Class: Oliver- for starting to give reasoning to his maths answers

Walnut: Lily- for super knowledge of the expanded method of multiplication

Magnolia Class: Casper- for converting between fractions, decimals and percentages

Acer Class: Elwood- for working really hard to improve his maths reasoning skills

Willow Class: Charlie- for excellent use of inverse operations


Maths Awards- Term 5

25th May

Maple Class: Magda- for picking out useful information in word problems.

Chestnut Class: James- for solving worded problems well.

Elm Class: Rio- for telling the time accurately.

Ash Class: Brooke- third award!!- for applying her understanding to reasoning problems.

Oak Class: Ryan- for using excellent strategies to solve calculations in testing

Cherry Class: Melissa- for improved recall of facts and taught strategies

Walnut Class: Jessica- for strong recall of methods to solve problems

Magnolia Class: Harvey- for quickly multiplying and dividing by both 10 and 100

Acer Class: Lena- for great problem solving and reasoning

Willow Class: Grace- second award- for a strong recall of facts, methods and strategies

Sycamore Class: Edward- for recalling methods, facts and strategies during testing


4th May

Maple Class: Isobel- for making teens numbers with Numicon

Chestnut Class: Oliver- for much improved calculation skills

Elm Class: Lacey- for confident division

Ash Class: Penny- for positioning numbers on a numberline and estimating

Oak Class: Warren- for amazing mental and written calculations

Cherry Class: Neronee- for a clear improvement in attitude and confidence

Walnut Class:- Ruby- second award- for continued hard work and great test results

Magnolia Class: Charlie- second award- for addition and subtraction of decimals

Acer Class: Julian- second award- for great decimal calculation and place value understanding

Willow Class: Grace- for enthusiastic maths revision

Sycamore Class: Braydon- for a more positive attitude towards maths


23/ 24 April

Maple Class: Archibald- for making numbers up to 20 with Numicon

Chestnut Class: Julia and Keelan- for great calculation skills

Elm Class: Lola-Rose- for adding with numbers up to 100 mentally

Ash Class: Taylor- for recognising addition and subtraction fact families

Oak Class: Alexis-  for a great understanding of the inverse to create fact families

Cherry Class: Dawid- second award- for asking questions to understand x10 and x100

Walnut Class: Jayden- for super column method calculation

Magnolia Class: Callum- for dividing and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000

Acer Class: Connor- fourth award- for great fractions and decimal work

Sycamore Class: Rhys- for a positive attitude to maths, including home learning


9th March

Chestnut Class: Keelan- for great calculation work.

Elm Class: Alfie- for being able to use a numberline accurately and explain how it works with + and -

Ash Class: Wojciech- for solving calculations brilliantly.

Oak Class: Jakob- for understanding how to +/ - with the inverse to solve problems.

Cherry Class: Harvey Clarkson- 2nd award- for getting all his early morning maths correct.

Walnut Class: Filip (2nd award) and Ruby- for continued use of Times Tables Rockstars and excellent school/ national rankings

Magnolia- for his progress with multiplying fractions.

Acer Class: Julian- for great fraction learning.

Willow Class: Ella- for great determination with area and perimeter.

Sycamore Class: Emma- for rising to the challenge in maths


5th/ 9th February

Maple Class: Magda- second award- for fantastic recognition of shapes

Chestnut Class: Oscar- for being great at taking away
                         Kacee- for brilliant pattern work

Elm Class: Megan- for recognising equivalent values with coins

                 Maisy- for adding different amounts of money brilliantly

Ash Class: Charles- for his recognition of coins and adding multiple coins

                 Nicol- for amazing understanding of money

Oak Class: Ben- for a good understanding o equivalent values using 'x' symbol in money

                 Sandra- for super ways to make amounts of money in different ways

Cherry Class: Cody- for becoming more independent when using resources

                     Harvey- for trying hard to develop his knowledge of number facts

Walnut Class: Charlotte- for excellent understanding of coins and finding amounts of money

                      Max- for excellent times table work and mental calculations

Magnolia Class: Oli- for excellent calculation work involving fractions

                          George- second award- for working hard to learn his times tables

Acer Class: Connor- 1st Maths Award badge winner with his 3rd award! Great determination with visual resources converting mixed and improper fractions

                  Diesel- second award- for great fraction understanding

Willow Class: Charles- for his determination with algebra and finding the Nth term

                     Alessia- for amazing knowledge of prime numbers

Sycamore Class: Anastasia (second award) and Lilly- for outstanding progress in arithmetic

                          Matthew- for always wanting to challenge himself during Maths


26th January

Maple/ Chestnut Class: no winners this week

Elm Class: Kody- for being able to clearly explain halving and doubling with resources

Ash Class: Brooke- second award!-for applying knowledge of divisions to fractions.

Oak Class: Charlotte-fantastic fraction work involving equivalents of 1/2 and 1/4

Cherry Class: Chloe- for becoming more successful with early morning Maths sheets

Walnut Class: no winner this week

Magnolia Class: Vivian- for learning to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers

Acer Class: Tom- for good problem solving involving division

Willow Class: Lucas- for great reasoning skills

Sycamore Class: Grace- for improved concentration during assessment


19th January

Maple Class: Elizebeth- for some great doubling with Numicon.

Chestnut Class: Ada- for super fast recall skills when using Numicon.

Elm Class: no winner this week.

Ash Class: William- for his understanding of division as sharing.

Oak Class: Kyraleigh- for fantastic multiply and divide by 10 independently.

Cherry Class: Lailah- for showing a good understanding of using inverse operations.

Walnut Class: Riley- for excellent attitude to learning and getting to grips with multiplication.

Magnolia Class: Joshua- for a very good understanding of equivalent fractions and decimals.

Acer Class: Emily- for mastering 4 digit by 2 digit formal method multiplication.

Willow Class: Callum- for excellent understanding of chunking to divide.

Sycamore Class: Aron- for progress with times tables recall.


12th January

Maple/ Chestnut Class: Elm Class: Albert- for a good use of resources to show multiplication as repeated addition.

Ash Class: Nicola- for understanding multiplication with repeated addition.

Oak Class: Jasmine- for her application of knowledge to use new apparatus.

Cherry Class: Ben- for a good understanding of rounding and responding to advice about mental strategies.

Walnut Class: Finlay- for excellent recall of number facts.

Magnolia Class: Julian- for his excellent use of multiplication to calculate area.

Acer Class: Emil- for great arithmetic and checking of answers.

Willow Class: Charlie- for determination at complex problems.

Sycamore Class: Anastasia- for increased confidence in her own mathematical ability.

Term 2

8th December

Maple Class: Magda- for fantastic recognition of 3D shapes

Chestnut Class: Julia- for great 3D shape work

Elm Class: Seweryn- using a tens frame to add numbers independently

Ash Class: Katy- 2nd award!!! for using place value to support subtraction

Oak Class: Jasmine- super use of arrays and cubes to multiply

Cherry Class: Annie- showing a good understanding of division methods and how these relate to fractions.

Magnolia Class: Eva- for her hard work converting fractions into decimals

Acer Class: Connor- 2nd award!!! Great area reasoning and checking answers

Willow Class: Frances- super focused and a high achiever

Sycamore: James- for completing extra maths challenges at home


24th November

Chestnut Class: Aiden- for great work with Miss Kerry.

Elm Class: Maisy- being able to tell the time to o'clock and half past plus +/ - hours

Ash Class: Katy- for knowledge of days, months, o'clock and half past

Oak Class: Lilli- for super spelling and ordering of the days of the week

Cherry Class: Lennon G- for moving onto a more challenging Early Morning sheet

Magnolia Class: Alex- for quick and accurate mental maths skills

Acer Class: Marshal- for good perimeter problem solving

Willow Class: Cameron- super focused and a high achiever

Sycamore: Adam- great attitude to maths!


17th November

Chestnut Class: Ellis- for spotting amounts on a 10s frame.

Elm Class: Casey- good work showing addition on bar models.

Ash Class: Brooke- for recognition of place value and adding multiples of 10.

Oak Class: Zofia- for using smaller known facts to add larger numbers e.g. double 3/ double 30

Cherry Class: Amy- for showing a good understanding of x10 x100 process and place value.

Magnolia Class: Diesel- for his hard work on multiplication of decimals.

Acer Class: Bayley- for great place value and multiply/ divide by 10, 100, 1000.


10th November

Maple Class: Wiktoria- for brilliant 'tens frame' work to add.

Elm Class: Reggie- for using double-sided counters well to find number bonds to 20.

Ash Class: Paige- for good recall of number bonds.

Oak Class: Indie- for her use of number bonds to 10 to complete other numbers to the next ten.

Cherry Class: Mia- a good understanding of written methods and vocabulary of word problems.

Walnut Class: Lennon- fore really trying hard and understanding the grid method for multiplication.

Magnolia Class: Lois- for learning to calculate percentages.

Acer Class: Connor- for problem solving.

Willow Class: Frances- fab fractions!

Sycamore Class: Daniel- for his visual representation of mixed number fractions.


3rd November

Elm Class: Albert- for using resources in different ways to find number bonds to 10

Ash Class: Andrei- for applying his understanding of measuring during our investigation day

Oak Class: Yaqub- great recall of number facts including doubles/ halves

Cherry Class: no winner this week

Walnut Class: Filip- for fab work using the grid method for multiplication

Magnolia Class: Phoebe- for her improved confidence in Mental Maths

Acer Class: Harry- excellent problem-solver

Willow Class: Keira- for being a high achiever in lots of areas

Sycamore Class: no winner this week


20th October

Elm Class: Lola-Rose- for creating calculations from pictures of part whole models.

Ash Class: Gabriella- for applying her knowledge of calculation to solve arithmetic questions.

Oak Class: Lilly- for subtracting by exchanging with rods and cubes (tens and ones) 

Cherry Class: Destiny- for a clear demonstration of written methods for subtraction.

Walnut Class: Coorey- for excellent division work and presenting her calculations neatly.

Magnolia Class: George- for using his knowledge of time and working hard this week.

Acer Class: Michael- for great determination with times tables.

Willow Class: Harry- for good verbal reasoning of questions.

Sycamore Class: for a positive attitude during lessons and confidently answering BODMAS calculations.

29th September

Elm Class: Amelia- for using a number line to solve a range of calculations.

Ash Class: Robbie- for using a number line to solve addition calculations.

Oak Class: Mackenna- for super addition using his knowledge of place value.

Cherry Class: Dawid- for impressive and neatly presented written methods for addition.

Walnut Class: no winner this week

Magnolia Class:Charlotte- for using inverse operations to solve problems.

Acer Class: no winner this week

Willow Class: Troy- for being a subtraction superstar!

Sycamore Class: Katie- for always having a great enthusiasm during the mental starters.