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The school day starts at 8.45 am and we expect our children to be in the playground before this time ready to line up when the whistle is blown or to enter school via the front door by 8.55 am if arriving at the official start time of the day.

Registers are marked at 8.55 am and your child will receive a late mark if they are not in by that time.
At 9.20 am the registers will be closed. In accordance with the Regulations, if your child arrives after that time they will receive a mark that shows them to be on site, but this will not count as a present mark and it will mean they have an unauthorised absence. This may mean that you could face the possibility of a Penalty Notice if the problem persists.


If your child has a persistent late record you will be asked to meet with the Headteacher to resolve the problem, but you can approach us at any time if you are having problems getting your child to school on time.


We will encourage good punctuality by being good role models to our children and celebrate good class punctuality.