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Handwriting Awards

Each week teachers have the opportunity to celebrate a pupil in their class who has shown consistent effort with their handwriting and presentation. This needs to be shown in all areas of the curriculum alongside their handwriting lessons. If a pupil is selected they are awarded an certificate during our Friday whole school assembly.  Once a pupil has obtained 3 handwriting certificates within a school year they receive a handwriting badge as a recognition of their achievement.

Below are the names of pupils who have received their certificates so far this year.

Friday 29th September

Cherry - Harvey -for consistent effort with his handwriting every morning

Walnut - Sydney - for continued progress with letter formation

Magnolia - Charlie - for a well presented newspaper report

Willow - Charlie - for neatly presented work in English despite having a broken wrist

Sycamore - Cian - for a great improvement in his handwriting

Friday 22nd September

Ash Class - Charles - for neatly presented piece of writing during our topic session.

Oak Class - Weronika - for a well presented hero story during Big Writing.

Cherry Class - Destiny - for neatly presented work during cross-curricular learning.

Willow Class - Alexandra - for consistent presentation in Maths work.

Sycamore - Adam - for improvement in presentation since the start of the year.

Friday 15th September

Ash Class - Wojciech - for well a presented piece of Big Writing showing clear formation.

Oak Class - Isobelle - for well presented sentences on Roald Dahl during Guided Reading.

Willow Class - George - for consistent formation during English.