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Governors at Holbeach Primary Academy

If you would like to contact the Governing Body, please contact Mrs Sue Tully, Senior Administrator for  the Governors, on 01406 422397.

Our Governors would like to share their aspirations for Holbeach Primary Academy and how they would like to be involved in making this happen.


Mrs J Worth - Chairman

Aspiration:  A school that develops a love for learning in every child so that all children become life long learners.

How can I help: Through my work as a Governor, ensure that the school has the resources to provide an aspirational and exciting learning environment.


Mr A Breckon - Chief Executive Officer

Aspiration: The school becoming outstanding within the next 2 years and to be the school of choice within the local community.

How can I help:  By making sure that the school gains the best advice so we can make the journey to get there and support the Governors to achieve this.


Mrs S Boor - Principal

Aspiration: For the children of Holbeach to have endless possibilities open to them to raise their aspirations and give them every opportunity to succeed.

How can I help:  Professional practice to assist in the implementation of the above and through provision and educational opportunity to allow this aspiration to be realised.


Miss S Clayton

Aspiration: Holbeach Primary Academy to be a vibrant place for the children of Holbeach to learn in.  A first choice in the minds of Holbeach parents and carers.

How can I help:  Professional practice through feeding back to colleagues and model practice in school to others.


Miss N Kenyon - Vice Principal

Aspiration:  Every chid to maximise their potential and make good progress in all aspects of their learning so they feel confident to achieve their goals.

How can I help:  Through professional practice.


Mrs C Kenyon

Aspiration:  To aim for each child with learning difficulties to access a full and varied curriculum, in a manner which will foster in them a love of learning together with high expectations for their progress.

How can I help:  Through my experience of SEND, support practically in school and through meetings with the SENDCo.