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EDL 2017

This year we celebrated European Day of Languages on Tuesday 27th September 2017.  Our focus across the school was looking at food and associated vocabulary including colours.  We learnt new words and used this knowledge to present information for parents and visitors to the Macmillan Café in the afternoon.  Read on to find out more:


Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a morning of Spanish looking at different colours.  They used rojo, verde, amarillo, marron, blanco and negro to play word games and sort different foods, fitting in with their current learning of superfoods in their topic 'Superheroes'.  As they decorated biscuits and cakes for the Macmillan Café they identified the colours they were using in Spanish too.


Year 3, 4 and 5 created labels and cup mats by researching colour words in French, German, Russian and many more languages to describe the foods they had prepared.  Cups of jelly and fruit were assembled by the children in single colours and labels for that colour were added.  Many of the cups stood on mats declaring the colour words also.


Year 6 were busy in their classrooms and our kitchen all morning preparing a German treat for us- vanilla kipferl.  The children went on to produce useful posters in Italian to order one or more of our cakes and biscuits on offer in the Café.  Their calligrams in the crescent kipferl shapes shared information about them to parents and visitors.