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DT Around the School

Autumn Terms 2017

The start of the new academic year has brought about lots of food technology across the academy as we consider what helps us to stay healthy (superfoods, super me!) in Key Stage 1's topic of Superheroes as well as cultural choices across the year groups as part of European Day of Languages.  See our gallery for pictures!


Looking forward we will be constructing masks and other props for a superhero day and moving vehicles in the topic of Bright Lights, Big City.



Upper Key Stage 2 have been investigating the links between Maths and DT by measuring ingredients for several different dishes, looking at the skills involved in cooking but also the importance of accuracy in measuring.  A great example of practical activities to draw together relationships from across the curriculum.

Summer Terms 2017

Check back soon for details on what each part of the school will be studying and developing in Design and Technology over the coming term.


Do Cows Drink Milk?- Early Years


Splendid Skies- Year 1 and 2


Traders and Raiders- Year 3 and 4


Allotment- Year 5 and 6

Autumn terms 2016

The Enchanted Woodland- Year 1 and 2

Using the natural world as a stimulus Key Stage 1 have enjoyed finding out about how different woodland animals create their homes. They have matched the homes to the creatures and then used natural materials such as feathers, grass, sticks and leaves to work out how these are made. These ideas and skills were then used to design homes for magical creatures such as those seen in fairy books and elf house drawings. They chose craft materials to enhance their dens and decorate them e.g. with brightly coloured pompoms or feathers. A house fit for a fairy queen perhaps? Their final part to the project was to decorate the classrooms to create a woodland party atmosphere with bunting, streamers and paper chains. Their woodland crowns and animal masks added to their animal costumes so they could eat their picnic in role.

Heroes and Villains- Year 3 and 4

This term Lower Key Stage 2 have been working on an on-going project of scrutinising examples, designing and then making optical toys called thaumatropes. They have selected from a wide range of materials and components to perform each practical task and used several steps before creating their final designs. By analysing flipbooks the children looked at how to construct products that use simple, still images in quick succession to create a perception of a moving image. They used animation to create their digital flipbooks and evaluated to improve or adapt their makes as they progressed.

Pharaohs- Year 5 and 6

The children began the academic year by creating their own versions of Egyptian relics such as pyramids, sarcophagi and canopic jars. They used a variety of materials and techniques to create stable, strong structures before decorating to a high level of detail and quality.