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Design and Technology

Design and Technology at HPA

At Holbeach Primary Academy, pupils learn about the process of design from research through to evaluation.  They develop problem solving skills and make informed decisions.  When talking about their choices in design, ingredients or materials they take into consideration the purpose of the product and opinions of those who may use or eat it. 


Pupils build on their early childhood experiences of investigating objects. They explore how familiar things work, and talk about, draw and model their ideas. They plan what has to be done and identify what works well and what could be improved in their own and other people's designs. They draw on knowledge and understanding from other areas of the curriculum and use computers in a range of ways.  This year as part of the academy's Year of Investigation there are even more opportunities to collaborate with one another and make links between aspects of different subjects within the curriculum.


Our projects through Cornerstones topics include developmental tasks in making, designing, understanding technical vocabulary and components, nutrition and hygiene to name but a few.