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Y6 at High Adventure - Skipton-Day 3

Canoeing at Ponden reservoir- the pictures speak for themselves. The sun shone, we raced and splashed each other, then everyone jumped in. A perfect end to a wonderful three days.

Thank you High Adventure.

High Adventure Day 3

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High Adventure Day 3 3
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Y6 at High Adventure-Skipton-Day 2


Today we strolled up Earl Crag which you can see from the whole town. We learned rock-climbing and abseiling up gritstone rock. The weather was hot but windy particularly on the top.

We walked the whole length of the crag from Wainman's pinnacle to Lunds tower where we climbed the twisty stairs up to the view at the top.

Weaseling is when you crawl into gaps between the rocks (wearing a helmet) and pop out at the other end.

The best thing I think was when we abseiled down the face of the rock, going over the edge was like I was about to fall off the cliff - then we had chicken wraps for tea!

By Harry Moeller


High Adventure Day 2 pictures

High Adventure Day 2 pictures 1
High Adventure Day 2 pictures 2
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High Adventure Day 2 pictures 8

Year Six at High Adventure-Skipton-Day One


We arrived in the rain but once we had  eaten our lunch and collected our climbing equipment, the sun had come out. The pictures prove that most of us managed to reach the top of the high ropes and those that didn't, climbed much further than they thought they ever could. There was lots of teamwork, encouragement and pride in our achievements. 

We have now made our beds and had tea (check out the High Adventure website for tonight's menu) some of us are currently crawling on our tummies in the dark through the labyrinth, while others listen to the shrieks from above.

More pictures tomorrow-mountain day!



Day 1

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