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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3 - Y1/2


Class Teacher: Miss Stacy Clayton

Friday 15th July

This week has been a mixture of all sorts!  We have written poems that were a list of mixed up items that could be found in Road Dahl's pocket when he was writing different books plus we mixed up different materials and mediums such as chalk, foil and glue to make leafy collages.  One of our favourite activities this week was looking at the mix of colours used by artists in their paintings and creating their palettes ourselves.  We now know how to make shades and tints of colours as well as which paints create a warm, bright or cool feel to a painting.

At the end of the week we started to look back across our school year and think about which of our topics has been our favourite and why.  More on that before the end of term!

Friday 8th July

Our new topic continued this week by looking at how food mixtures can change.  We made pizza dough to see how we could stretch, twist and roll it plus we melted different ingredients to compare them.  The highlights of the week had to be making ice-cream- no freezer needed!- and melting paint!  Paint ice-cubes that is!



Friday 1st July

The last two weeks have been a messy and fun start to our new topic- Muck, Mess and Mixtures!  Photos to follow shortly of what the children got up to exploring different mixtures and working out what they were, describing them and playing with dripping, splatting and squeezing them!  This week took a focus on food through Roald Dahl's classic George's Marvellous Medicine and continues with Revolting Recipes next week!  The children have been inspired to make their own concoctions and decide what the mixture could do to someone in a new story.  On Wednesday we tested foods from around the world to see how ingredients are used in different ways and we talked about making healthy choices.

Friday 17th June

Worms, worms, worms!  The whole school has been out observing, drawing and collecting worms for Science week!  Class 3 and 4 have been making wormeries and drawing these amazing, wriggly creatures to understand their features.  We have set up two Science experiments to test where worms prefer to live and what they sense.  Did you know that worms do not have eyes?  How do they know what is around them then?



Picture 1

Ways to help at home-

Preparing for Year 2 SATs


- Count in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10 forwards and backwards

- Identify number facts that make a total of 10, 20 and 100

- Practise addition, subtraction and times tables facts

- Support the completion of homework



- Read regularly at home (min. 3 x each week)

- Practise weekly spellings

- Support the completion of homework

- Discuss ideas of what to write for Big Writing using prompts on Talk Homework (sent out Thursdays)

- Encourage a wider range of reading materials e.g. magazines, home books, recipes


Useful webpages:


Useful apps:

Twinkl phonics             Todo Math

Alien phonics               Dragon Shapes

Rhyme and Spell         Math Ahoy

Homophone Match      Math Dots

Spell Ninja

Friday 13th May

Hi we are Vivien and Charlotte. Today we have been making crab powerpoints and they came out amazing. In PE we have been doing partner balances and they were super hard. In English we've been making messages from a bottle for help pretending we are shipwrecked on an island. In Maths we have been practising for the year 2 tests starting next week.


Thursday 5th May

Only a short week in school, but the last few days have proved to be so much fun!  After painting our rockpool creatures last week, we decided to find out a few more facts about different animals.  In English we have started researching using information texts and webpages so we can write our own factpages tomorrow on puffins, cormorants, seagulls and guillemots.  In topic afternoons, we have made a range of different crabs (including fiddler crabs and hermit crabs) as well as finding out some interesting things about them.


Friday 22nd April

This week, Year 1 and 2 have had some very fishy visitors!  We have been studying all the things that live in a rockpool micro-habitat and looked close up to crabs, shrimps and shells.  We went on to create our own mini rockpool and clay creatures to add to it after painting next week. 

Be careful where you step!  Just one of the messages we want to share through our posters and leaflets to help others respect this environment.


Friday 15th April

We have started our new term looking at habitats and micro-habitats.  Firstly we made some scientific observations by looking at the animals and plants growing in our Science woodland area.  We found slugs, snails, woodlice, ferns, daffodils and so much more! Next week we will be looking at the animals and plants found in a rockpool micro-habitat.


Our English work this week has culminated in a big Writing beach discovery story!  We looked, touched and even smelt things found at the beach from our classroom display and homework projects.  This gave us loads of ideas on how to describe using our different senses.


Friday 18th March

Thank you for all the support shown today with our Sport Relief fundraising.  It was a great success and Key Stage 1 were valiant athletes during their mile run today.


Another special event happened on Monday when visitors from Gist brought along one of their lorries to help educate the children about road safety.  We looked at how far a lorry will travel before it can stop and we thought about ways to cross roads safely.


Today saw the Easter homework project being sent home with the children.  For a copy of the Year 1 activities, please see Class 4's webpage.  Year 2 can be found below.  These should be completed and brought back into school by Wednesday 13th April please.


Friday 11th March

Monday this week saw a well-received SATs workshop inviting parents of Year 2 pupils to view example test materials and receive key messages.  Please see the section below for links and documents that we hope will be helpful, including a guide on How To Help At Home.


In class we have had a week making connections between lots of different subjects- Maths, English , Physical Education, Topic and Science.  Our main theme has been sport including football information pages (Brazil's national sport), predicting and testing comparisons such as Do taller people jump further? and the upcoming Olympic Games Rio 2016. 


Our measuring skills came in handy!  We measured distances as well as seeing if our height or our shadows were longer.



Friday 4th March

World Book Day was the highlight of our week with children sharing their favourite books and showing off their wonderful costumes.  Thanks to everyone involved in sourcing and making the outfits- they really helped the children celebrate.  Playtimes even saw children feeling drawn to play in character groups e.g. Elsas together playing a Frozen game, Harry Potters versus other Hogwart's students in spelling battles and Buzz Lightyears flying around the playground. frown  A lovely experience on top of the activities in class. We enjoyed shared reading with Mr Cowie's Year 3/ 4 class in the afternoon and reading our homework book reviews to our friends in the morning.


See below for photos.

Friday 26th February

What amazing mathematicians we have been this week! We have been recalling addition facts for 10, 20 and 100, then using them to add larger numbers on number lines AND find out matching subtraction facts!  We especially liked today's lesson where we showed what we know and shared what we think our next steps might be- see our photos below for more!


Friday 12th February

Tomorrow marks the end of our Term 3 topic- Memory Box.  Thank you to all the support you have shown through participation in our homework tasks and memory boxes.  smiley


We have enjoyed finding out about how we change and grow through our lives.  Plus we have looked at how the world has changed in living memory through photos, observations and discussions with our families.  We thought about our favourite memories including playing favourite games in the playground and favourite celebrations.  Also we made memories as a class and took part in space training from Tim Peake on the International Space Station through the CBeebies Stargazing programme. no


Our new topic is Rio de Vida!  Please see the homework file below to get some ideas on how you can help your child prepare over the half term holidays. mail


Friday 22nd January

We have finished a super week today with lots of ideas for our topic project- Memory Box.  Soon we shall me creating our own personal keepsakes and designing our box to reflect on our individual memories. Other events this week have included a brilliant Teddy Bears' picnic that involved sandwich making (and eating!) plus a chance to compare ourselves to younger siblings from Early Years classes and Miss Palmer visited with baby Jacob.  We discussed what was the same and what was different in our appearance and our skills.






Thursday 7th January

Welcome to a new term and a new year.  Time and calendars have been a focus in Maths this week to help us understand time in different ways.  We have already started linking dates and months to times when we celebrate special events.  Our new topic of Memory Box began with us considering our earliest memories and what life is like as a baby.  Our study of the human life cycle showed us how we develop and grow through to adulthood.


Thank you to everyone who has returned their permission slips for the upcoming Teddy Bears' Picnic.  We look forward to meeting your cuddly bears and dolls on the day- Thursday 21st January.

World Book Day March 2016

World Book Day March 2016 1
World Book Day March 2016 2
World Book Day March 2016 3
World Book Day March 2016 4
World Book Day March 2016 5
World Book Day March 2016 6
World Book Day March 2016 7
World Book Day March 2016 8
World Book Day March 2016 9
World Book Day March 2016 10
World Book Day March 2016 11

Celebrating learning- Dino Museum!

Friday 11th December

As we near the end of our topic of Dinosaurs, the children have had a great time sharing and reflecting on what they have learnt and the activities they have been involved in.  This week we played hosts to the Early Years classes as they came to see our Dinosaur Museums.  Class 3 were amazing at explaining what they knew about different dinosaurs, gaining the younger children's interests and supporting them in tasks such as Dino Spotting and Fossil Hunting.  We really enjoyed making our museum and it showed how much we now know about these wonderful creatures that lived many millions of years ago!


Wednesday 25th November

This week has been exciting already for both Class 3 and 4 with our visitor Ross (Captain SPLATs!) showing us amazing circus tricks and helping us develop our skills.  See below for some great photos of us in action!  Plus keep your eyes peeled next week because we will be adding one writer's recount of the day to this very page!  It's sure to be an exciting read. frown

SPLATs group- circus skills


Wednesday 18th November

Shape has been a key theme for this week across Key Stage 1.  In Maths we have been recognising and describing both 2D and 3D shapes plus in RE we looked at traditional rangoli patterns.  These are used in the celebration Diwali- the festival to celebrate the return of Rama and Sita in the Hindu legend.  We are looking forward to seeing the children's own designs from their homework this week!


In English we have been developing our vocabulary skills to include WOW verbs- what do you think our dinosaurs have been doing? Swishing, stomping, chomping.....

We used such words in Music to create our own dinosaur version of 'The Wheels on the Bus'.


Friday 13th November

Today saw Class 3 learning about what a charity is and how Children in Need helps young people in the UK.  We designed a new character friend for Pudsey and read a new article in the children's newspaper: First News.  Other things we have been up to this week include making dinosaur teeth and learning about how this tells experts what the dinosaur may have eaten.  We noticed we have similar teeth too and described how we eat different foods with them.  We also looked at a famous person in dinosaur discoveries- Mary Anning- and thought about what it would be like to find a huge fossil of our own!



Monday 2nd November

Starting our new topic with a ROAR, today the children have been creating, sorting and describing different dinosaurs after reading the book 'That's Not My Dinosaur!'  We have thought about how to interest our listener/ reader when describing our dinosaur and comparing the sizes of their tails, etc.  See below for videos and pictures!


Tuesday 20th October

As our term comes to a close, the children are excited about showing their performance skills to the rest of the school in this week's Good Work assembly.  Year 1 will be showcasing their singing skills with nursery rhymes relating to London for our Bright lights, Big City topic, whereas Year 2 will be performing the short story of Dick Whittington.


To conclude our RE topic of the Good Earth, the children have been out in our school environment to discuss the beauty of changes in the season.  After collecting good examples of autumn leaves they even created some hibernating animals.




Friday 25th September

This week we started a cross-curricular unit on instructions that included following a recipe to make the perfect marmalade sandwich for Paddington Bear, creating directions for a tour across London, using a variety of maps, and even how to decorate cakes as the French flag for the Macmillan Café today!  In Maths we looked at position using Paddington and his suitcase too.  We finished the week celebrating European Day of Languages by learning numbers and colours in French. Please note that this week starts a 2 week homework project based on the French flag- see document below for more information.



Friday 18th September

We finish the week pretty in pink and dashing in denim on our non-uniform day to raise money for Jeans for Genes and CLIC Sargent.  Thank you to all the parents/ carers that helped the children take part.


This week has centred around the landmarks of London- the children have played in role as tourists and tour guides on mini 'bus-tours' as well as drawing and writing about their favourite sights and sounds.  I have been really impressed with the knowledge of many pupils as they have gathered information and expressed their opinions over the week.  In English we have read about London in books such as Katie in London and the classic This is London.  We have even helped Paddington find his way back to Number 10, Windsor Gardens in Maths by counting in sequences!









Friday 11th September

Please see photos below of our Royal Picnic this week.  The children enjoyed asking the 'Queen' questions and sharing a cucumber sandwich or two.  They have practised writing with time words (Next....First...On Monday....) to share the afternoon's events through Big Writing recounts today.  We have also created junk model vehicles to travel around London in!


Our 1st full week back in school has been a great success!  We have discussed our class rules, started our RE topic of the Good Earth and worked on spatial awareness in PE.  Busy busy! :)


Friday 4th September

First and foremost- welcome!  What a great start to our new term we have had already.  As part of our Big City lights topic, we have started looking at where we are in the world.  We hope that the children will enjoy finding out about London in particular- the landmarks, the Royal Family and how it is similar/ different to where we live.


In English we have written invitations ourselves and will be writing about our experiences in our unit of Recounts next week.  We will be linking to our topic as much as possible using texts such as the Paddington series and nursery rhymes.

In Maths, knowing the value, order and formation of numbers will be our starting focus.  Already the children have 'wowed' Mrs Walker and Miss Clayton with their accuracy in counting and some simple addition. no


On a final note, the children have started to explore and learn about their new class, classmates and teachers.  Any questions or comments are welcomed by the Key Stage 1 team during this settling in time: Mrs Booth, Mrs Howley, Mrs Walker and Miss Clayton.


Key information

- PE will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays for both key stage 1 classes.  Many children have already brought in their kits- a big thank you to parents. The weather is turning colder already so please ensure children have appropriate clothing.  Also, please could earrings be removed on the morning of the session, or microporous tape to cover them safely should be supplied.

- Reading books and diaries will be sent home daily, apart from Thursdays.  They will be checked at several points of the week with the children being encouraged daily to hand in if they have know they need their book changing. 

- Homework will be issued to children on Fridays and is due to be completed and returned by the following Wednesday please.  Homework Club is open to all ages and is held by Mr Cowie during Monday lunchtimes.



Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

End of term production

European Day of Languages- France projects

European Day of Languages- France projects 1
European Day of Languages- France projects 2
European Day of Languages- France projects 3
European Day of Languages- France projects 4
European Day of Languages- France projects 5
European Day of Languages- France projects 6
European Day of Languages- France projects 7
European Day of Languages- France projects 8
European Day of Languages- France projects 9

A Royal picnic with the Queen!


Homework suggestions for the summer holidays