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Art at HPA

At Holbeach Primary Academy, we are involved in Art in many ways by providing cross-curricular links throughout each topic.  In relation to the new curriculum, each area of Art is visited a number of times throughout each keystage.  This enables the pupils to build upon previous knowledge and develop a wide range of skills.


Through Art, pupils develop their creativity and imagination by exploring the visual, tactile and sensory qualities of materials and processes. They improve their control of materials, tools and techniques. They learn about the role of art, craft and design in their environment. They begin to understand colour, shape and space, and pattern and texture. They use them to represent their ideas and feelings.



In the sections below you can find out what the budding artists, sculptors, illustrators and creative thinkers have been up to so far this year and upcoming projects!  Our private gallery will soon be exhibiting masterpieces and we will be adding more as the year goes on.