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Scholastic book fairs

Over the last 2 years the Academy has hosted Scholastic book fairs three times a year and these have been very successful. At HPA we feel that these initiatives give the pupils an opportunity to choose books that allow them to read for pleasure and help to keep their interest and engagement in reading at school. Your parental support at the book fairs helps to raise money to purchase new books for the school and the children's enjoyment. We continue to appreciate your support with these events.

Scholastic book fair 12.10.2017

In this section you will find information about events that have happened in the Academy, along with future events.


Roald Dahl Day

September 13th 2017 saw the Academy celebrate Roald Dahl Day.

This year pupils explored some of his famous texts including The BFG to investigate his use of made up words and deciphering their meaning. Pupils then created their own made up words by joining phonemes together.



World Book Day 2017

World book day took place on Thursday 2nd March. As an Academy this year we made the decision for children to not dress up. To support work with The Lincoln Knight's Trail children spent time sharing books with a knight character. 

Early Years enjoyed sharing stories around the popular children's character Mike the Knight followed by English activities including sentence writing and creative tasks making their own swords. 

Years 1 and 2 shared books by the author David Melling including The Three Wishes, The Kissed That Missed and Goodnight, Sleep tight. Class discussions focused around the character of the knight who was not pictured as a typical knight - his trousers were ripped, he mounted his horse backwards, and caused damage with his joust.

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 shared a variety of texts with knights and then thought about our Academy Knight. Using their reading children wrote their own descriptive work and used the homophones for knight to create their own poems.

Every year the Academy enjoys the opportunity to take part in paired reading. Paired reading often happens within individual classes but on World Book Day classes pair up with a class from a different age group. This year saw the Year 6 pupils pair up with Early Years and Year 1 and 2 pair up with Year 4. Again this proved to be an event enjoyed by all children and staff involved. You will see this from the photos.

Book Swap

In the summer of 2016 a book swap was organised to allow children to bring in books from home that they no longer wanted to swap for another book. The books had to be in  good condition but could be either fiction or non-fiction. When children brought the books to school they received a book swap token which allowed to go along to the book swap in the library and select a new book.

World Book Day saw the return of the book swap. This was held slightly differently this time with the swapping taking place after school on the playground. This event was a great success with many children receiving new books and coming into school the following morning excited to share the book they had read.

Book swaps will take place during Term 5 and Term 6. Dates will be shared shortly.